Apex Legends Season 10 World’s Edge map changes: Train Yard, Sorting Factory & more

Wraith in Fragment in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA

World’s Edge is set for a big update in Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence, with a few popular spots set to be overhauled in the new crop of map changes.

When Respawn Entertainment dropped a new season update for Apex Legends, it gives everyone a chance to reset, learn the new legend, pick up the new weapon, and start exploring map changes.

In Season 10: Emergence, the new legend has been confirmed as Seer, players will be able to use a new LMG in the form of the Rampage LMG, and World’s Edge looks set for a big shake-up, rather than getting a brand-new map.

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The changes to battle royale’s second map have already been teased in-game with screens showing warning signs as well as rumbling being heard in the pre-game loading screens.

mining rig in worlds edge Apex Legends mapRespawn Entertainment
There appears to be a few secrets hiding under World’s Edge.

Train Yard/Landslide

As we already know, the three biggest affected areas of World’s Edge are set to be Train Yard, Refinery, and Sorting Factory.

Train Yard, of course, has become renowned for fights taking place across different levels of height. You can easily be sat in one of the suspended pods above the yard and pick off enemies from below, and vice versa.

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However, Train Yard has now been destroyed and replaced with Landslide. Gone are all the destroyed train cars, the new POI is drastically different.

New Landslide POI in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA
Train Yard has been taken over by the new Landslide POI.

Sorting Factory/Lava Siphon

In terms of Sorting Factory, that’s another spot where players love to land for fights right off the bat.

Just like Train Yard, it’s also in for some drastic changes. The POI is now called Lava Siphon, and yes, it’s full of lava. A new gondola system will help you travel across the fiery pit, and there are more buildings for indoor fights.

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Lava Siphon POI in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA
Sorting Factory is gone and Lava Siphon sits in its place.


As for Refinery, while the warning signs have pointed to its out-and-out destruction, and just like Sorting Factory, lava and the gondolas play a big role.

There is also a lot more snowfall around the place as it fits in with the theme of The Epicentre, which isn’t too far away. Respawn also say the new POI is “much larger than Refinery was” and “supports a lot more teams and provides them with much more loot to fight over.”

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Climatizer POI in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA
There is a winter chill at Climatizer.

Overlook and West rotation spots

These two changes aren’t new POIs, but instead, new routes to get around the map. One of the silos at Overlook has been replaced with a cut-through passage to make rotations quicker.

There is also an additional tunnel in the west to rotate through between Geyser and Overlook.

Overlook rotation change in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA
There is now a gap to cut through at Overlook.

Additionally, the skybox is also changing color from solid dark orange to a brighter, summery blue.

Plus, you’ll also notice a lot more snowfall in general once the map launches in Season 10: Emergence.

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