All Valorant Gun Buddies: How to get them & what they look like

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In Valorant, skins aren’t the only way of customizing your weapons. Gun buddies are a great way of adding your own personal twist to your favorite guns, and are comparatively cheaper to get hold of. Here’s a list of every gun buddy in Valorant.

Because Valorant hasn’t been around as long as other shooters like CSGO, you’d expect there to be a limited choice in the number of cosmetic changes you can make to your weapons. However, buddies open up new ways of personalizing a weapon to make it unique to you and reflect your in-game achievements.

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The best part of buddies is that you can apply them to any gun in your arsenal. Adding a buddy to a shiny new skin is the cherry on top of the cake.

Gun buddies are also a cheaper way of customizing your weapons, with every buddy being obtainable for free! So, let’s jump right into our list of every Valorant gun buddy!

To help you navigate our extensive list, though, we’ve dropped this little jump-to section in below to make life a little easier.

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How can I get & equip gun buddies?

Like skins, gun buddies are available by either progressing through the battlepass, buying them as part of skin bundles, or completing Agent contracts. Each Agent has unique buddies within their contract which derive from an aspect of their personality.

To add buddies to your guns, all you need to do is this:

  1. Open up the in-game collection tab.
  2. Select the weapon you want to customize.
  3. Click the “Buddies” tab.
  4. Choose from a variety of gun buddies and add them to your weapon of choice!

The gun buddy will be assigned to that weapon no matter who you play. Equally, if you’re torn between which gun to put your buddy on, most buddies come in a pack of two, meaning you can stick them on multiple weapons!

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Dallah-Gun-BuddyRiot Games
The Dallah Buddy is one of the game’s most iconic.

Agent contract gun buddies

Each Agent contract buddy is available as a Tier 6 reward on the relevant agent’s contract. Each buddy is styled to be relevant to their Agent’s theme and backstory. And, the best part is that they’re available for free!

Activating the contracts for these Agents will allow you to progress towards picking up each of these buddies. It’s a bit of a grind, though, so we suggest picking one contract and sticking to it.

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  • Breach: Hammer Time
  • Brimstone: Dog Tags
  • Cypher: White Hat
  • Jett: Pocket Knife
  • Killjoy: Bot
  • Omen: Grim Delight
  • Phoenix: Hot Bling
  • Raze: Blast Pin
  • Reyna: Soul Capsule
  • Sage: Radianite Orb
  • Skye: Hawko
  • Sova: Owl Charm
  • Viper: Venom Vial
  • Yoru: Dimensional Fragment

Agent contracts buddies

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Battlepass gun buddies

Each of these gun buddies can be unlocked by progressing through the different stages of the battlepass. Here are all the gun buddies, as well as the levels you need to achieve to unlock them. Buddies accessible for free are in bold, with the tier that you get them at in brackets.

Episode I Act I

  • GL Have Cat (2)
  • Crate (7)
  • EP 1 // 1 Coin (10)
  • Cheesed (14)
  • Donut (23)
  • Radianite Crystal (30)
  • Pizza (33)
  • Bullet (37)
  • Radianite Crate (44)
  • Toaster (45)
  • Ascent Rising (47)

Act 1 battlepass buddies

Episode I Act II

  • Split Decision (2)
  • Danger Lizard (7)
  • EP 1 // 2 Coin (10)
  • Polyfox (14)
  • Froggie Hat (23)
  • Bear Tactics (30)
  • Red Alert (33)
  • Safe Haven (37)
  • Cup O’Crown (44)
  • The Spike (45)
  • The Wheel of Steel (47)

Episode I Act III

  • In a Bind (2)
  • Jack O’Lantern (7)
  • EP 1 // 3 Coin (10)
  • Squirrel Tactics (14)
  • Potato Aim (23)
  • Immortal Rose (30)
  • Gelato Cutie (33)
  • Scuttle Trash (37)
  • Ruin Watcher (44)
  • Chilly McFreeze (45)
  • Discotech (47)
  • Epilogue: Discotech (EP 1)

Act 3 battlepass buddies

Episode II Act I

  • Tall Tales (2)
  • Episode 2//1 Coin (10)
  • Salt Shaker (14)
  • Battle Crab (23)
  • Lunar Firework (30)
  • Ancient Inheritance (33)
  • Take on the Tundra (37)
  • Kingdom Logo (45)
  • Deadly Precision (47)
  • Epilogue: Salt Shaker (EP 1)

Episode 2 act 1 Battlepass buddies

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Skin bundle gun buddies

The other way you can pick up buddies is through buying skin bundles in store. Each of these buddies is included (for free) if you splash out on a skin collection, but they can also be purchased separately if you’re on a budget.

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  • BlastX
  • Ego
  • Elderflame
  • Glitchpop
  • Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster
  • ION
  • Oni
  • Prime
  • Reaver
  • Singularity
  • Sovereign
  • Spline

valorant bundle buddies

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Episode 1 Ranked Reward Buddies

At the end of Episode 1, ranked players received buddies to match their end-of-season placement.

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Special buddies

These buddies can be obtained in unique ways to the others mentioned.

  • Netter Tretter: attainable as Prime Gaming loot by linking your Twitch and Valorant accounts.
  • Pay Respects: attainable as Prime Gaming loot.
  • Zoomer Pop: attainable as Prime Gaming loot.
  • Fist Bump: given out by Riot Games employees.
  • Dallah: as part of celebrating Valorant dropping in the MENA region.
  • Snowbro: attained by playing the 2020 Snowball Fight mode.



So there you have it! That’s very one of the 85 gun buddies available in Valorant. We’ll be sure to update this list as new gun buddies are released. In the meantime, make sure to follow @ValorantUpdates on Twitter for all the news from Future Earth.

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