Valorant players confused as devs make massive change to how new patches work

Daniel Appleford

As of June 25, 2024, Valorant patch days will no longer include in-game content such as new agents, maps, Battle Passes, or skins at the same time gameplay adjustments are made.

Valorant is entering its ninth Episode on June 25, which typically includes a wide range of content, such as gameplay updates and changes. However, patches will no longer include cosmetics, rank refreshes, and any new content outside of pure balance changes. Players will have to wait a bit to get everything.

The official announcement was made on June 20, just five days before the Episode 9’s release, and it includes information regarding Agent changes, Rank Refreshes and more.

“Starting with Patch 9.00, new content will be available in-game the day AFTER the patch release, with store updates coming the day after that. For example, if your region usually gets patch releases on Tuesdays, new content will arrive in-game on Wednesday and the store will update on Thursday,” stated Valorant on X.

valorant logo from patch 8.10

Valorant also provided examples of what can be expected to be released and on what day to avoid confusion about the new changes. Before this change, all of the following content would be brought to the game on the same day as the patch’s release.

New content arriving after patch release:

  • Agents
  • Maps
  • Acts
  • Rank refreshes
  • Battle Passes
  • Skins (~2 days after patch release)

Content that remains live the day of patch release:

  • Balance changes to existing Agents
  • Main menu background video
  • Login screen art

After the announcement was made, players beneath the post expressed their confusion about Valorant deciding to breaking up the content over multiple days instead of releasing it all at once like before.

“This is the most confusing and unfriendly update I think I’ve ever seen from Riot.”

“I’m so confused just release the patch on Wednesday then?”

Valorant did not respond to these comments regarding the change, nor have they explained why the change was made in the first place.

The Valorant 9.00 patch will be released on June 25, and the following content, such as new skins and Battle Pass rewards, will be released the following day on June 26.