How much do Valorant skins cost in real money? VP converter

Valorant Points VP ConversionRiot Games, Dexerto

Valorant Points (VP) are the all-important currency in Valorant, but how much is VP in real-world money? This VP to real-money conversion article will answer all of your questions.

Buying cosmetics in Valorant can sometimes be like taking your senior math exams all over again. Jumping over those numerical hurdles can really be a challenge, but it’s no secret that the Future Earth store can be pretty costly.

With new skin bundles dropping pretty much biweekly, as well as a fresh new Battlepass appearing with every act, you need a pretty full wallet to purchase your cosmetic loadout.

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So if you want to know exactly how much you’ll have to cash out for a snazzy new skin, we’ve got a conversion system below for you.

Valorant Store VP PointsRiot Games
Let’s be real, we’ve all seen this screen before.

How many VP can I buy?

Valorant Points are available via the store in allotments of either $7, $14 or $68. The conversion for £, $ and € are just below:

Valorant Points (VP) GBP (£) USD ($) Euro (€)
525 5 7 6
1100 10 14 11
2250 20 27 23
4000 35 48 40
5800 50 68 57
12,000 100 136 113

How much VP are skins?

While skins are distributed across different tier levels, bundles and individual skins can be bought for different prices. It’s these skins that Valorant players sink most of their VP into as player cards, sprays and so on are available largely for free.

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Bundles offer players the chance to get all of the new skin line for a discounted price, as well as exclusive goodies such gun buddies.

Skin Tier Valorant Points (VP) GBP (£) USD ($) Euro (€)
Select 2930 25 34 29
Deluxe 5100 45 61 51
Premium 7100 60 82 68
Ultra 9900 87 119 99
Exclusive Varies

Every skin, however, will rotate through the store daily so if you’re not interested in collecting the whole set then you can pick up a single weapon in store. Roughly, this is how much real money these will set you back in each currency.

Skin Tier Valorant Points (VP) GBP (£) USD ($) Euro (€)
Select 875 7 10 8
Deluxe 1275 12 16 14
Premium 1775 17 23 19
Ultra 2475 22 30 25
Exclusive Varies
Valorant-Singularity-SkinsValorantStrike (Riot Games)
Valorant’s Singularity skins are the most expensive in-game cosmetics.

How much VP is the Battlepass?

As we mentioned before, the Valorant Battlepass rotates every Act and lets players scoop up a whole host of Valorant prizes. The cost for the Battlepass is below:

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Valorant Points (VP) GBP (£) USD ($) Euro (€)
1000 7 10 8

How much VP are Radianite Points?

Radianite Points are a must for any Valorant fan who wants to dominate Future Earth in style. We’ve got  RP guide here, but here’s how much each bundle costs:

Radianite Points (RP) Valorant Points (VP) GBP (£) USD ($) Euro (€)
20 1600 15 20 17
40 2800 26 35 30
80 4800 47 64 53

So that’s it for our VP conversion guide. It’s always good to know how much your bank balance hates you, in the end though it doesn’t even matter. After all, what’s life without a good flex on Future Earth?

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