When is Valorant Mobile coming out? Everything we know

Nick Farrell
valorant mobile

It has now been one year since Riot Games released their tactical FPS Valorant, and next is Valorant Mobile – allowing players to battle on the move.

While Valorant has been one of the best releases for PC gamers over the last year, there has been long speculation into if the game is ever going to be released on other platforms. On the game’s first anniversary, Riot confirmed the game is coming to mobile devices.

With such a massive market for mobile gaming, it was a logical step for Riot to give fans of their shooter a new way to play, and also a chance to introduce mobile gamers to a new game.

valorant changes
You will soon be able to play Valorant wherever you are!

Valorant Mobile release date

Riot has not yet confirmed a final release date for Valorant mobile. In a press release, they said:

“With enthusiasm for VALORANT only continuing to grow, Riot now is preparing to expand the franchise – starting with  – in order to bring VALORANT to more players around the world.”

Besides this note announcing the game’s existence, we do not know any further details into when we could see it downloadable on your respective app store.

val mobile downlaod
We cannot wait to Valorant while on the go!

Valorant Mobile new features

While little is known about Valorant Mobile as of now, this is not the first time we have seen a major PC title transition over the mobile market. This has been the case with CoD Mobile and Fortnite; as they have both made the move over and have found tremendous success.

However, while these games have found new light on mobile devices there are some side effects to playing on the go. For instance, depending on the device you are playing on, your performance may vary from time to time, and you could see some drastic FPS drops.

Players will have to adjust to the new features that are going to be within the game, as mobile controls are a whole different ball game compared to standard keyboard and mouse. As well, we might even see some mobile-specific game modes coming!

Another aspect that we have to consider is Valorant’s Agents and how their abilities will work on mobile. We could see Riot struggle to implement all the Agent’s abilities, ones such as Skye’s Trailblazer ability is one that encompasses your whole screen within the viewpoint of her scout dog. The performance issues could come into play here, and movements such as Raze’s dash with her Boost Packs could also suffer through this new iteration of Valorant.

Apex Legends, another ability-based shooter, has had to cut some of their Legends from the mobile version, at least at launch, as the abilities likely didn’t translate well on the handheld device.

We will keep you updated on all things Valorant Mobile right here.

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