What is Fanfic about? New Netflix movie explained

Lucy-Jo Finnighan
Fanfic Netflix film still

Netflix has a new film out, titled Fanfic – but what is it about, who’s in it, and is the film even worth watching?

Netflix has been pumping out a bunch of new films lately, from The Night Agent and The Diplomat, to Faithfully Yours.

But many of these new releases have been thriller or action movies, so if you’re someone looking more for a coming-of-age type story, then Fanfic might be the film for you.

But what is Fanfic about, and is it even worth watching? Well, read on to find out.

What is Fanfic about?

Fanfic, based on the novel of the same name by Natalia Osinska, is a Polish modern high school film directed and written by Marta Karwowska and Grzegorz Jaroszuk, which focuses on two teenagers navigating their gender identity and other coming of age issues.

Check out the trailer below:

As per the official Netflix synopsis: “Two high school students form an intense connection as they navigate the challenges of discovering and expressing their truest selves.”

The films will touch upon a lot of LGBTQIA+ themes – in fact, the novel was the first one in Poland that explicitly included such topics. And in regards to the title, yes, fan fiction will be an aspect of the movie, as one character uses it as a way to escape from their harsh everyday life.

The film has just arrived on Netflix today, May 17, 2023. It has a runtime of 1 hour and 40 minutes, and while it is shot in Polish, it will have both English dubbing and subtitles available.

Fanfic cast: Who’s in it?

The main cast of Fanfic has many young actors, including but not limited to: 

  • Alin Szewczyk
  • Jan Cieciara
  • Dobromir Dymecki
  • Anna Krotoska
  • Wiktoria Kruszczynska
  • Ignacy Liss
  • Krzysztof Oleksyn
  • Agnieszka Rajda
  • Oskar Rybaczek
  • Maja Szopa

Alin Szewczyk is most known for modelling, but they also appear in Once Upon a Time in November. Jan Cieciara, another star of the film, can been seen in Wolka, The Mire, and Be Prepared.

Is Fanfic worth watching?

It’s too early for a Rotten Tomatoes score, but so far Fanfic has received a few positive reviews from critics.

As described by Leisure Byte, “Overall, Fanfic on Netflix is a good watch. It gives a different and impressive perspective on self-discovery and gender dysphoria without making it look forced or preachy. Barring the last 20 minutes, you will enjoy every bit of it.”

On the other had, It’s A Stampede! stated that the first 20 minutes were hard to watch, but things got much better after then: “I found this film really enjoyable to watch, but useful too. It is a coming out story, which leans into conversations about the trans community, but it is also a teen love story between two people who gravitate towards each other. This isn’t just a film about finding out who you are, it is also about finding someone who sees the real you. This is the message at the crux of this film, and it is a delightful one.”

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