Obsession Season 2: Everything we know

Daisy Phillipson
Richard Armitage in the Obsession cast on Netflix

Will there be an Obsession Season 2 on Netflix? Viewers have been busy binge-watching the steamy, erotic thriller, so here’s everything you need to know about if there’ll be a second run.

The hot, new mini-series is an adaptation of Josephine Hart’s novella, Damage, telling the story of a dangerous love triangle between Anna Barton (Charlie Murphy), her partner Jay Farrow (Rish Shah), and his dad William (Richard Armitage).

As per the official synopsis: “Obsession is a thrilling and seductive four-part limited series about erotic obsession and forbidden desire.” As Anna becomes embroiled in a passionate affair with her fiancé’s father, the situation grows even more complicated when William’s desires deepen. 

With just four episodes in Season 1, viewers might be wondering: will there be an Obsession Season 2?

Is there going to be an Obsession Season 2?

Netflix hasn’t renewed Obsession for Season 2… yet. 

Although the show is described as a limited series, suggesting it won’t go ahead for Season 2, the finale ends on an ambiguous note, meaning there’s certainly opportunity to continue the storyline beyond the four episodes that are already out. 

As is always the case with Netflix properties, its chances of renewal depend on a) whether the creators want to keep going and b) if the ratings are high enough, for long enough. 

Normally, the streaming platform waits at least 28 days before making a decision in order to take stock of those crucial first several weeks, although it has been known to give out the green light sooner. 

Another way for Obsession to come back would be by transforming it into an anthology series and telling the story of another, presumably sexually-charged yet complex relationship – although this would mean creator Morgan Lloyd Malcolm would have to veer away from the book she adapted the show from. 

As it stands, it’s a little early right now for any definitive answers, or even for a Rotten Tomatoes score to give us any indication of how well the show is performing. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as and when new information comes in. 

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