Will there be a Ginny and Georgia Season 3? Netflix updates

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Will there be a Ginny and Georgia Season 3? The Netflix drama has been a huge hit for the streaming platform with its second season, but will there be a third?

Ginny and Georgia first hit Netflix in February last year. While receiving mixed reviews, its first season got a Fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes, with 52 million households said to have watched it within the first 28 days of release.

That amounted to 381 million hours viewed globally, so Netflix quickly greenlit a second season. Since dropping on January 5, it’s topped the platform’s Top 10 chart.

So, with viewers binging Season 2, they may be wondering: is there going to be a Ginny and Georgia Season 3 on Netflix?

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Will there be a Ginny and Georgia Season 3?

Netflix hasn’t confirmed Ginny and Georgia Season 3 – however, it seems like it’s almost guaranteed we’ll get a third season. We just need to wait a little while longer to find out.

Speaking to Deadline, Sarah Lampert – who works with showrunner Debra J. Fisher – said “if we were to get one”, Season 3 would look “really different.”

“You know what’s great? Netflix was really – I don’t want to say hands off – they were really trusting of us with the story this season,” she said.

“My favorite thing about the show is that it is always evolving and changing, and because we touch on so many different tones within the show, we really get to sink into whichever tone we want to at the moment. So there’s a lot of freedom there.”

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“I love surprising people, so I hope that cliffhanger at the end of Episode 10 was a big surprise, that’s what we were going for.”

However, Lampert confirmed that for the moment, “there’s been no talks with Netflix about Season 3.”

“They’re very regimented about how they do things. So there’s very much a strategy in place where I think we’ll drop it, and then we have to wait to see how it does and if we’re going to see Season 3 but I certainly hope we do because it’s going to be a wild ride,” she added.

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Ginny and Georgia Season 3 updates

In another interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Fisher said: “Just from doing it in Season 1 with Netflix, they wait 30 days to get all the numbers and before we have a talk.

“What’s great is that we all have TVs and we can see that we’re number one. I think Netflix did tell us we’re number one in 84 countries and that was a few days ago, so maybe more. I will say that certainly bodes well for us in 30 days if that keeps going the way that it is.

“But Netflix’s policy is they wait 30 days to see all the data, and then fingers crossed, they will give us a Season 3. We’re not writing any scripts or anything like that, but we know where we want to go. We would love to get in a writers room up and running to get going with this.

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“Seeing everybody watch the show and seeing all the excitement for the show, I will say that it’s been hard to not think about season three and where we want to go. Because when Sarah and I pitched the show to Netflix, we did pitch four seasons, so we know what we want the end game to be. We know what we want the last episode to be.

Brianne Howey, who plays Georgia Miller, also told CBS Mornings that “it’s feeling positive” regarding Season 3.

That’s everything we know about Ginny and Georgia Season 3. In the meantime, check out our other TV hubs below:

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