Will there be a Firefly Lane Season 3?

A still from Firefly Lane Season 2 Part 2Netflix

Will there be a Firefly Lane Season 3 on Netflix? The second season was one of the streaming platform’s most popular shows in 2022, but is there going to be a third?

Firefly Lane first premiered on Netflix in February last year. The series, starring Katherine Heigl and Scrubs’ Sarah Chalke, follows the two women from the beginning of their friendship in the 1970s all the way through to the pitfalls of modern life, often hopping between different timelines.

It was quickly renewed for another season, with the first half of Season 2 hitting the streaming platform at the start of December.

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So, is this the end, or will there be a Firefly Lane Season 3? We’ve got the answer.

Is there going to be a Firefly Lane Season 3?

No, there won’t be a Firefly Lane Season 3, because Season 2 is the final season – however, there are still more episodes to come.

Last October, Netflix confirmed Firefly Lane Season 2 would be the last chapter of the show. Part 1 hit the platform on December 2, and if you’re craving more, Part 2 will arrive on Netflix in April 2023.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Chalke warned viewers are going to need tissues when the final episodes eventually roll around. “You need some. I’m excited for everyone to see it,” she said.

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“Season 1 created a lot of questions and then season 2, part 1 answered those, and now there’s a lot more questions and all of those will be answered in the second half. But there’s also lots of levity.

“One thing I love about the show is that there’s a balance between the heavy stuff and then there’s some humor woven in there, which I think is what you need so that you can actually exhale.”

Firefly Lane Season 2 Part 1 is available on Netflix now. You can find out more about Part 2 here.