How to watch Mean Girls 2 – where is it streaming?

Chris Tilly
The stars of Mean Girls 2.

With Mean Girls riding high in the Netflix charts, there’s been renewed interest in its sequel. So here’s how to watch Mean Girls 2, and where it’s streaming.

Mean Girls is one of the smartest, funniest films of the last two decades. Written by Tina Fey, and directed by Mark Waters, the story revolves around a teenage girl trying to survive in an American High School, having previously been homeschooled in Africa.

The movie made stars of Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, and Amanda Seyfried. While the likes of Amy Poehler, Tim Meadows, and Fey herself also delivered hilarious turns.

Mean Girls was followed by TV movie Mean Girls 2 in 2011, and here’s everything you need to know about where to watch the belated sequel.

How to watch Mean Girls 2 – where is it streaming?

If you live in the US, Mean Girls 2 is currently available to rent or buy on Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Google Play, YouTube, Direct TV, Microsoft, Vudu, and Redbox.

If you live in the UK, the film is available to rent and buy on many of the same platforms, plus Mean Girls 2 is also available to stream on Paramount+.

Mean Girls 2 plot: What’s it about?

Here’s the official synopsis for Mean Girls 2: “The Plastics are back in the long awaited follow-up to the smash-hit Mean Girls… and now the clique is more fashionable, funny, and ferocious than ever! Confident senior Jo begins the new school year by breaking her own cardinal rule: don’t get involved in girl drama. But when she sees timid Abby preyed upon by Queen Bee Mandi and her minions, she takes sides in a viciously funny girl-world-war that turns the whole school upside down.”

The film was written by Cliff Ruby, Elana Lesser, and Alison Schroeder, and was directed by Melanie Mayron.

There’s very little to connect Mean Girls 2 to its predecessor, beyond the bullying theme, the villains being called “The Plastics,” and Tim Meadows reprising his role as Mr. Duval.

Mean Girls 2 cast: Who’s in it?

Here’s the cast of Mean Girls 2, including the main actors and the characters they play:

  • Meaghan Martin as Jo Mitchell
  • Jennifer Stone as Abby Hanover
  • Maiara Walsh as Mandi Weatherly
  • Diego Boneta as Tyler Adams
  • Nicole Gale Anderson as Hope Plotkin
  • Claire Holt as Chastity Meyer
  • Bethany Anne Lind as Quinn Shinn
  • Tim Meadows as Principal Duvall

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