Starfield: All religions explained

Andrew Highton
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Starfield has a giant universe for you to explore, and many of these places are brought to life by the religions of each community populating the game’s lore. Here’s a quick rundown of each religion and what their followers believe in.

It’s hard to overlook how Bethesda goes about lore-building. Fallout has established factions such as the Brotherhood of Steel and The Railroad and The Elder Scrolls has The Dark Brotherhood, Imperial Legion, amongst many others.

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Starfield is no different in that respect. But it also has different religions that help to flesh out the game’s lore and give players and NPCs something to believe in. If you’re curious yourself about Starfield’s societal differences perceived through the beliefs of its religions, we’ve got you covered.

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How many religions are in Starfield?

In total, you have three religions in Starfield: Sanctum Universum, The Enlightened, and House Va’runn.

Each one has a widely different belief, meaning you’re sure to come across a bunch of passionate cultists and characters with extreme views of Starfield’s expansive universe.

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Every Starfield religion explained

Make no mistake, Starfield still acknowledges the presence of real-world religions. But that’s not why you’re here, so let’s give you a quick tour of every new Starfield religion.

House Va’runn

Quite simply, if you join the House Va’runn, you worship the ‘Great Serpent.’ There’s nothing ambiguous or cryptic about this either, the religion literally adheres to the idea of a giant, universe-sized snake that will devour said universe and everything in it.

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We’re not sure how true this is. But if you don’t worship the serpent, there’s a possibility you may one day succumb to the apparently grand appetite of the reptile.

The Enlightened

Whereas The Enlightened ignore the concept of one supreme overlord or indomitable being. Instead, people believe in harmonious relationships and working together. Holistically, The Enlightened folks are firm believers in looking after each other and expect to be treated the same to be ultimately rewarded by the world.

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Sanctum Universum

Instead of giant snakes or human kindness, the followers of Santcum Universum think there is a god. They’re not sure what they are or what they look like, but they do know that they’re out there in the galaxy somewhere. Unlike the real world, the ability to travel freely, anywhere means that devoted Sanctum Universum fans are exploring in the hopes that they will find their god.

That wraps up our fascinating insight into Starfield’s religions. For more guides and content, check out even more articles down below:

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