Roblox Pet Swarm Simulator codes (September 2022): How to get free food boosts, coin boosts & more

Pet swarm Simulator Roblox main artwork, three petsRoblox Corporation / Pet Swarm Series

When one pet isn’t enough, a swarm of them will certainly do the trick. Especially when they are used to battle the Evil Dark Wizard and must be saved from his cruel curse. Here are all the Roblox Pet Swarm Simulator codes you need.

Filled with unique pets and adorable companions, Roblox’s Pet Swarm Simulator is all about collecting, saving, and trading eggs and animals. However, that’s a lot easier said than done when you first log into the game and start with nothing but one pet by your side.

Thankfully, the whole point of codes are to make your game a little easier. Pet Swarm Simulator has a plethora of helpful codes to give you the boost you need to take down the Evil Dark Wizard. Here are all the available codes.

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Updated September 12, 2022: No new codes were released.


Pet Swarm Simulator codes in Roblox

Here are all the currently working codes in Pet Swarm Simulator as of September 12, 2022.

Working Pet Swarm Simulator CodesRewards
Russo2x 15-minute food boosts
3kfollowers 2x 15-minute food boosts, 2x 15-minute coin boosts
ItzVortex 3,500 coins
XBOX Xbox controller
megaupdate2x 15-minute food boosts, 2x 15-minute coin boosts
HUGEUPDATE2x 15-minute food boosts, 2x 15-minute coin boosts
10KTHANKS2x 15-minute coin boosts, 5x 15-minute mythical boosts
15KLIKES2x 15-minute food boosts
25KLIKES 2x 15-minute food boosts
35KLIKES3x 15-minute rare boosts
45klikes10x 15-minute food boosts
sorryaboutthat2x 15-minute coin boosts

How to redeem Pet Swarm Simulator codes in Roblox

Redeeming codes in Pet Swarm SimulatorRoblox Corporation / Pet Swarm Series
Put the code in carefully since they are case sensitive.

Unlike many other Roblox games, players can find the code location relatively easily. If you want to redeem your Pet Swarm Simulator codes follow these steps:

  1. Open the game by pressing the green button.
  2. Once you’re in the game, press the blue Twitter icon on the right of the screen.
  3. Once the text box is up, copy and paste the code into the box and press ‘enter’
  4. Collect your reward.

One of the main elements worth highlighting about redeeming the codes is that they are all case sensitive so it’s recommended you copy and paste each code in to avoid any mistakes.

All expired Pet Swarm Simulator codes in 2022

These are all the expired Pet Swarm Simulator codes. When active codes stop working they will be moved here.

Expired Pet Simulator CodesRewards
3klikes2x 15-minute coin boost

What are Pet Swarm Simulator codes used for in Roblox?

Pet Swarm Simulator codes are there to make your life and game easier. They help you hatch better eggs, give you money to buy new pets, and give you some useful boosts to your food.

Better pets will make battles easier and also look absolutely adorable so with the right codes and a bit of active gameplay, you’ll be thriving.

Those are all the currently working codes for Roblox’s Pet Swarm Simulator. Make sure you check back regularly for any new codes that have been added. In the meantime, take a look at some other Roblox codes for your favorite games:

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