Best scary Roblox horror games to play in 2023

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Roblox is currently one of the most versatile gaming platforms and there are a handful of scary horror games for players to enjoy. If you’re looking for a spooky title on Roblox, here’s our curated list of the best ones to play in 2023 and beyond.

Players can access thousands of games on Roblox that all span a variety of genres, including everything from relaxing experiences like Pet Simulator X to action-packed anime titles Shindo Life and My Hero Mania

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Many Roblox titles are colorful and vibrant but there are some excellent spooky games that can be found on the platform too that will surely scare and delight horror enthusiasts. 

Here are the very best scary horror games available on Roblox in 2023.

Additional reporting by Ava Thompson-Powell.


Scariest horror games on Roblox

Whether you’re looking to scare your friends silly, or just want to see how far fan-made creations have come, then these 18 scary Roblox horror games will do just that.

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From games that send you to investigate some truly terrifying houses, to the scariest maze you’ll ever see and an iconic murder mystery, there’s definitely a scary Roblox game for everyone to enjoy.

A Wolf Or Other

An official image from the Roblox horror game A Wolf Or Other.Otter Space
A Wolf Or Other is a great spooky multiplayer experience.


If you’re looking for a spooky co-op experience, A Wolf Or Other is a great horror game to play with friends. In this engaging murder mystery, while one player takes on the terrifying role of a Werewolf the rest of the group are civilians who must survive the wolf’s attack by hiding once night falls. Among the group is a single Hunter — and they possess the power to kill the Werewolf. 

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In order for the Werewolf to win the game, everybody including the Hunter must be killed. However, if the civilians can survive until morning, victory will be theirs.

A Wolf Or Other is a fun, engaging, and surprisingly challenging title that should particularly appeal to fans of games like Dead by Daylight

Finders Keepers

Roblox Finders Keepers


This first-person scary survival horror game in Roblox tasks you with investigating the strange events that have been occurring at a family house. As a Paranormal Investigator, your goal is to find out the truth behind the powers that led to the family’s disappearance. 

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During your investigation, you’ll need to navigate dark rooms, uncover hidden disks, and avoid the demonic entity that inhabits the house. Expect plenty of jump scares and creepy surprises in this scary Roblox game. 

Finders Keepers Key Features

  • Immersive
  • Good sound effects


Artowork for the Piggy scary horror game in Roblox


Originally inspired by the children’s TV show, Peppa Pig, players are let loose in one of 12 different maps and a total of 7 different game modes to escape a grisly demise.

Before each round begins, players can vote on which map and mode they’d like to opt-in to amongst the other players. While in a round, they’ll need to keep their wits about them while utilizing the environment and survival skills to outwit Piggy, avoid traps, and survive.

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Piggy: Book 2 is also playable, which serves as a sequel of sorts to the game, includes even more chapters and ‘Books’ to partake in. What’s more, the game has an overarching narrative to explore and uncover too. Having just ended its third Season, now is a great time to dive in and familiarize yourself with the mechanics ahead of any future updates.

Piggy Key features

  • A narrative thread to uncover
  • Different maps and game modes
  • Puzzles to complete
  • Multiplayer
  • Seasonal content


Geisha horror game Roblox


Based on the Urban Legend of “Teke-Teke”, this is one of Roblox’s scariest horror games, full of terrifying experiences to freak out even the most avid horror fan. After returning to your childhood home, your family is nowhere to be seen. As the constant hum of unsettling music plays in the background and your feet tap on the wooden floor of the house as you uncover the mystery, you’ll constantly be looking over your shoulder as you try to avoid the Geisha.

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Complete with a myriad of jump scares, puzzles, and the enrapturing feeling of being followed and watched, this one will, without a doubt, keep you up at night during the spooky season.

Geisha Key Features

  • Solve puzzles
  • Immersive
  • Eerie soundtrack

Alone in a Dark House

One of Roblox's scary horror games, Alone in a dark house


Alone in a Dark House is similar to Finders Keepers, in that you’re tasked with investigating a house. However, instead of being a paranormal investigator, players take on the role of a private investigator who has been tasked with solving a brutal murder case. 

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This scary Roblox game can be played co-op and features fully voiced characters, two unique locations, and various puzzles that you’ll need to solve. Of course, players are never alone as the creepy killer stalks the corridors looking for new victims.

Alone in a Dark House Key Features

  • Can be played co-op or single player
  • Story-based
  • Lots of jump scares
  • Immersive

The Mimic

A scary Roblox horror game, The Mimic


One of the scariest Roblox games on this list, The Mimic keeps the community coming back for more with its terrifying game design.

Featuring 4 chapters of updates to work your way through alone or with friends, it sends you back to your high school as you descend into a horror-filled world, attempting to search for a group of your missing friends.

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The Mimic can be played with up to 10 people, and full of spooky audio effects, lighting, and jump scares, this truly haunting world will have you reaching for a blanket in no time.

The Mimic Key Features

  • Can be played with up to 10 people
  • One of the most popular Roblox horror games
  • Great audio and visual effects
  • Immersive

The Maze

One of the best horror games in Roblox, The Maze


If the idea of being thrown into a cavernous maze with nothing but a flashlight and a camera to your name sounds like fun, then this scary Roblox horror game could be for you. Unlike traditional mazes, this one is located deep underground. 

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Not only does this help to completely disorientate the player, but it also makes things even scarier when your flashlight inevitably runs out of batteries. To make matters even worse, this maze is stalked by a host of creepy creatures. Team up with up to 12 players and see if you have what it takes to escape The Maze.

The Maze Key Features

  • Can be played with up to 12 people
  • Able to explore
  • Engaging soundtrack and audio effects
  • Immersive

Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 Roblox


Everyone likes a classic murder mystery and it seems Roblox fans do too. After all, this game has been played a whopping four billion times. Murder Mystery 2 is a social deduction game that sees 12 players work together in order to catch the culprit. Each game has one sheriff, who’s in charge of eliminating the murderer. 

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It’s a game of deception and trickery, so you’ll need your wits about you if you wish to survive the trials ahead. Murder Mystery 2 may not be as scary as the other games on our list, but it can certainly get your heart racing. 

Murder Mystery 2 Key Features

  • Great experience with friends
  • Can play as different characters (Sheriff, Murderer, Innocents)
  • Immersive

Dead Silence

Dead Silence Roblox


Dead Silence is undoubtedly one of the most popular scary Roblox games and it’s not hard to see why. Calling itself the “#1 Scariest game on Roblox”, the game is based on the Dead Silence supernatural horror film as players must investigate the disappearance of Mary Shaw, a murdered ventriloquist who haunts the local town. 

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The game’s excellent sound and level design are what make this particular Roblox game stand out. Simply walking down one of the game’s dimly lit corridors is an incredibly eerie experience. Doors will squeak and floorboards will creak, but it’s the ventriloquist you should really be worried about. 

Dead Silence Key Features

  • Great sound design
  • Full of puzzles
  • Highly immersive

Breaking Point

Breaking point Roblox


Breaking Point is an extremely popular Roblox horror game, and offers a thrilling and frightening experience. Players are selected at random and are tasked with killing off other players. This process continues until there are just two players left.

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The remaining survivors then have to face off in a knife-only duel. The victor wins the game.

Breaking Point Key Features

  • Great experience with friends
  • Immersive
  • One of the most popular Roblox horror games
  • Highly engaging

Insane Elevator

Roblox scary horror game Insane Elevator screenshotDigital Destruction
How many floors will you survive?


This unique horror experience challenges players to climb into the Insane Elevator and try to survive all the floors. On your perilous journey, you’ll come face to face with some scary foes including Pennywise the Clown, Jeff the Killer, and Piggy to name a few.

Just how many floors will you survive when you step into the Insane Elevator?

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Insane Elevator Features

  • Unique horror experience 
  • Great range of enemies
  • Immersive 


A screenshot from the Roblox horror game NannyECB Studios
You’d better find the exit as quickly as you can to survive in Nanny.


This scary Roblox game features a maze runner theme. You’ll need to avoid the nanny by crawling your way around the house to find the exit as quickly as possible! There’s a handful of jump scares along the way, so make sure you’re fast on your feet in this game.

Nanny Features

  • Highly immersive
  • Effective jumpscares  

It Lurks

A screenshot from It Lurks the Roblox gameterribleblox
You’re not home alone in this game.


It Lurks is a single-player game that puts players in terrifying circumstances when someone or something has clearly broken into their home. Across multiple chapters, you’ll have to hide and survive as you’re pursued through the house by an unknown entity as a chilling narrative slowly unfolds.

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It Lurks Features

  • Highly immersive 
  • A strong narrative story told through multiple chapters
  • Some great jumpscares 

Poppy Playtime

A screenshot from Poppy Playtime the Roblox gamePandaTM3
Poppy Playtime tasks players to survive the night in an abandoned toy factory.


When you and your friends return to the toy factory you used to work at after ten years, you’re met with more than just memories. In Poppy Playtime you’ll need to navigate the factory while avoiding the vengeful toys waiting around every corner.

The goal of this scary game is simple: Find the flower and your friends to escape but it certainly won’t be easy to accomplish.

Poppy Playtime Features

  • Interesting puzzle mechanics 
  • Immersive
  • Chapter 2 coming soon 

Survive The Killer

Roblox horror game Survive the Killer


If you’re a fan of Breaking Point, then you should definitely check out Survive The Killer as of the scariest Roblox games. The concept is very similar — a killer is chosen and you and your allies have to run away and avoid getting murdered.

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However, unlike Breaking Point, each player is given the chance to be the killer every round. So, if you fancy that type of playstyle, then this game will be perfect.

Survive The Killer Key Features

  • One of the most popular Roblox horror games
  • Great experience with friends

The Black Death

A screenshot from The Black Death a Roblox gameTacca_BioX
Play this scary game solo or with friends.


If you’re on the lookout for something full of jumpscares The Black Death could be the perfect Roblox game for you. Players will need to escape from an array of supernatural forces in order to avoid The Black Death in this exciting immersive experience that can be tackled solo or in a cooperative mode with friends.

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The Black Death Features

  • Great jumpscares
  • Can be played fully co-op
  • Currently includes 2 full chapters 


A screenshot from the Roblox game Doors.Roblox
Doors features engaging spooky puzzles to solve.


Doors is an exciting puzzle game that features a lot of challenging and spooky moments. It’s a trial and error experience where you’ll have to learn from each death if you want to eventually survive until the end. It’s a unique take on the horror genre and going in blind is the best way to experience what each door has to offer.

Doors Features

  • Engaging puzzle challenges 
  • Plenty of jumpscares 
  • Great to experience with friends

Stranger Things: Starcourt Mall by Netflix

Netflix Stranger Things RobloxRoblox Corp / Netflix
Brave the Demogorgon with El, Will, and friends.


While it may be one of the more professional horror games to appear on Roblox, this one still contains all the same scary and loveable aspects the more independent creations hold.

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Ultimately, any fan of Stranger Things and Roblox will adore this combination and will likely feel the same thrills and fears they experienced in the hit Netflix TV show.

Stranger Things: Starcourt Mall Features

  • Exciting daily quests
  • Four unique minigames
  • Plenty of creepy characters and monsters

So, there you have it – our list of the best scary Roblox horror games to play in 2023.

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