Pet Simulator X codes (June 2023): How to get free Diamonds & Coin Boosts

A screenshot of a player and a pet in Pet Simulator X in Roblox surrounded by diamonds and buildingsRoblox Corporation / BIG Games

In Roblox’s Pet Simulator X, you can use codes to grab free rewards, from Diamonds to Coin Boosts and Gems. These resources can help you hatch new pets in the game. If you’re wondering whether there are any codes available to redeem for June 2023, we’ve got the answer.

BIG Games’ Roblox-based Pet Simulator X is set in a colorful, vibrant world, with free codes granting players a wealth of different items, making their time spent in the game that much more enjoyable – and easier, too.

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As players explore the game world, they’ll be able to grow their collection of adorable pets as they collect and hatch eggs, trade with others, and upgrade them. We’ve gathered together everything you need to know about these Pet Simulator X codes for June 2023.

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Updated May 29, 2023, to confirm no active codes.


The Pet Simulator X shop in RobloxRoblox Corporation / YouTube: BIG Games
You’ll need lots of Diamonds and Coins to purchase items from the shop in Pet Simulator X.

Are there any Pet Simulator X codes in Roblox (June 2023)?

There are currently no active Pet Simulator X codes for players to claim, which was double-checked on May 29, 2023.

While no new codes have been released for quite some time now, typically rewards like Coin Boosts, Gems, and Diamonds have been made available, so be sure to check back regularly, as we’ll keep this list updated whenever they’re released.

Code Items

How to redeem Pet Simulator X codes in Roblox

Before being able to redeem codes, you’ll first need to reach the Basic rank, so play through the game and collect what you can until you’ve hit that goal.

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Having done that, redeeming codes in the game only takes a few short steps to complete:

  • Proceed to the official Pet Simulator X page and click the large green button to launch the game.
  • Once in-game, at the middle of the bottom of your screen, you’ll see a circular icon that says ‘Pets‘ when you hover over it.
  • Select that and a window will appear. At the bottom, you’ll now see four icons – click the Star.
  • Another menu will pop up in the center of your screen. Scroll down until you see ‘Redeem Game Codes‘.
  • Once you’ve selected that, enter your code in the box, and click ‘Redeem!
  • That’s it! Your code will now be redeemed.
A screenshot showing the Pets menu to redeem codes in Pet Simulator XRoblox Corporation / BIG Games / Dexerto
Click the button highlighted by the red circle to get to the menu to redeem codes.

Full list of expired codes

Code Items
1Mfollowers 5x Triple Coin Boosts
404roblox 8x Triple Coin Boosts
happyholidays 3x Triple Coin Boosts
tonsofcoins 3x Triple Coin Boosts
xmas 5,000,000 Gingerbread
santapaws 8x Triple Damage Boosts
1billion x5 Triple Coins Boosts
1mplus300k 2x Ultra Lucky Boosts
alienpets 2x Super Lucky Boosts
happysaturday11 3x Triple Coin Boosts
its1million 100,000 Gems
yaydiamonds 50,000 Diamonds
yaydiamonds2 50,000 Diamonds
700kDiamonds 25,000 Diamonds
anothertriple Coin Boost
bandsundrbidn 30,000 Diamonds
big1234 Triple Coin Boost
blamedavid Triple Coin Boost
easy125k Triple Coin Boost
easyboosts Triple Coin Boost
EzDiamonds150k Triple Coin Boost
halfamillion Free Boost / 10,000 Diamonds
im2lucky  3x Ultra Lucky Boosts
its1million 100,000 Diamonds
Lucky50k Super Lucky Boost
morecodes3 Ultra Lucky Boost
MoreCoins180k Triple Coin Boost
morecoins4u Triple Coin Boost
plaid1234 Triple Coin Boost
Release 1,000 Diamonds
steampunkpets Triple Coin Boost
Super25k 5,000 Diamonds
SuperUltra1 Ultra Lucky Boost
triple275k Triple Coin Boost
triple800 Triple Coin Boost
Triple80k Triple Coin Boost
TripleCoins999 Triple Coin Boost
Ultra225k Ultra Lucky Boost
VoiceChat 2x Triple Coin Boost

What are Pet Simulator X codes used for in Roblox?

These codes are crucial to use for both fans and new players to the game, making things that much easier for you as you save up to purchase something from the in-game shop and collect those legendary critters.

As you grow your collection, you’ll even be able to trade them with other players, or even combine them – resulting in new and unique pets!

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As new codes are added to the game, we’ll update you right here – some make sure to check back often.

So, there you have it – everything you need to know about Pet Simulator X codes in Roblox for June 2023.

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