How to get free Sandwich ingredients in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Mystery Gift code

pokemon scarlet violet sandwich headerThe Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Company has released a new Mystery Gift code for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet that gives players free sandwich ingredients. Here’s how players can claim these ingredients for themselves.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s sandwiches and Meal Powers can be incredibly useful tools for players working to complete their journey through the Paldea region.

The Meal Powers eating a sandwich can help players find eggs faster, encounter Pokemon of a specific type, and increase Shiny encounter rates.

Now, The Pokemon Company has announced a Mystery Gift code that gives players a bunch of sandwich ingredients for free. Here’s how players can redeem their sandwich ingredients and make some recipes with them.

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How to redeem Sandwich Ingredients Gift code

The Pokemon Company
Players can receive 10 of six different ingredients through the Mystery Gift menu in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

The Sandwich Ingredients Gift code will give players the following ingredients for free:

  • Peanut Butter x10
  • Prosciutto x10
  • Hamburger x10
  • Cream Cheese x10
  • Noodles x10
  • Rice x10

Some of these ingredients may be tricky to find in the various cities around Paldea, so it’s nice that players can get a decent amount of them for free.

Now, trainers who want to redeem this code and claim their ingredients should follow these steps:

  1. Load up Pokemon Scarlet or Violet on Switch.
  2. Open the game menu by pressing X, then select ‘Poke Portal‘ on the right side menu.
  3. Select the ‘Mystery Gift‘ option at the bottom of the menu.
  4. Select the ‘Get With Code/Password‘ option.
  5. Type ‘HAJ1ME0R1G1NAL’
  6. Collect your ingredients and enjoy!

After following those steps players will redeem their ingredients and can begin making sandwiches with some fairly helpful Meal Powers.

What recipes can you make?

There are a variety of helpful sandwiches players can make with the free ingredients given through this code.

In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, sandwich ingredients are split up into ‘condiments’ and ‘ingredients’ with each item providing a different Meal Power boost. For example, Peanut Butter is classified as a condiment while Prosciutto would be an ingredient.

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The Pokemon Company
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s sandwiches provide players with helpful boosts called Meal Powers.

Players who want to see a full breakdown of every sandwich recipe in the game can do so with our extensive Sandwich recipe guide that breaks down every aspect of sandwich making in the game.

However, the boosts that each ingredient provided in the given code are as follows:

Peanut Butter300Egg (-3), Exp (12), Raid (21)Steel (2), Fire (2)
Prosciutto 200Catching (4), Raid (-1), Encounter (7)Flying (6)
Hamburger380Catching (4), Raid (-1), Encounter (7)Ghost (6)
Cream Cheese280Egg (5), Exp (-3), Item Drop (12), Teensy (-15)Bug (4), Steel (4), Water (4)
Noodles280Humungo (21), Teensy (-3), Encounter (12)Poison (30), Ground (30), Rock (30), Electric (30), Psychic (30), Ice (30)
Rice280Humungo (21), Teensy (-3), Encounter (12)Normal (30), Fighting (30), Flying (30), Fire (30), Water (30), Grass (30)

And that’s everything players need to know about claiming the Sandwich Ingredients Mystery Gift in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Those looking to find out more about Pokemon Scarlet & Violet can check out our other guides below:

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