How to get Carracosta in Pokemon Go and can it be Shiny?

Chris Studley
Carracosta in Pokemon Go

Here’s a breakdown of how to get Fossil Pokemon Carracosta in Pokemon Go, as well as whether it can be Shiny.

Fossil Pokemon in the mainline video games were not easy to obtain, and the same could be said for a few of those in Pokemon Go.

Carracosta could be put into that category, as its pre-evolution form Tirtouga has been made sparsely available in the past. Nonetheless, Carracosta is one of those Pokemon needed to complete the PokeDex and challenges like the Adventure Week 2023 Collection.

With all of that said, here’s a look at how Pokemon Go trainers can get Carracosta in the mobile game, plus whether a Shiny version of it is available.

How to get Carracosta in Pokemon Go

Carracosta can be obtained in Pokemon Go by evolving a Tirtouga with 50 Tirtouga Candies.

Candies can be obtained in several different ways, which include catching Tirtouga, as well as transfers of the Water/Rock Pokemon.

However, Tirtouga’s been a notoriously tough Pokemon to encounter in the wild in the past. Since being added in 2020, the turtle Pokemon’s been elusive and mainly been available through Eggs.

Tirtouga, for what’s it worth, was a featured Pokemon in the Adventure Week 2023 event.

Trainers received an increased chance of encountering one in the wild. And, the Water/Rock Pokemon was one of the creatures that could be obtained from 7km Eggs.

Can Carracosta be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

Yes, Carracosta can be Shiny in Pokemon Go.

Trainers that have found a Shiny Tirtouga in the wild can then evolve it into a Carracosta.

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