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Where are GTA Online’s police stations? How many are there & can you enter them?

Published: 24/Jan/2022 10:52

by Andrew Highton


It was always frustrating getting busted in GTA games and having your weapons taken away from you. For whatever reason, Rockstar decided that that just didn’t need to be a thing in GTA Online. Instead, even if you only have a 1-star wanted level, the cops will treat you like one of the world’s most wanted.

So players tend to skip crime in favor of going to the casino or getting into the real estate market. But as they say, curiosity killed the cat, and that could be on the cards if you choose to visit one of the game’s many police stations. Read on for more details.


gta online police car
Rockstar Games
If you fight the law, the law will probably win.

How many police stations are in GTA Online?

In total, there are 11 police stations for players scattered across Los Santos. Nine are relatively close to each other, with two further ones situated further out into the wilderness of the map. So no matter where you are, you should be able to locate a station nearby.

Where to find GTA Online’s police stations

The game’s police stations are spread out, so we will provide you with some direction on where they are.

Thanks to GTABase, here is a very handy picture to give you more assistance and provide a visual aid for each police station in GTA Online.

gta online police stations map
Rockstar Games
Each and every police station in GTA Online.

What’s in GTA Online’s police stations?

Short of finding a sneaky glitch, players cannot enter any of the online mode’s Police Stations sadly.

Despite the buildings being fully populated and detailed on the inside, Rockstar made the decision to close them off to the public. They one day may decide to make them accessible, allowing players to roleplay as cops, or initiate a bloody precinct party.

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