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GTA Online money guide – fastest ways to make cash in GTA 5

Published: 15/May/2020 15:54

by Connor Bennett


Making money in Grand Theft Auto Online is constantly evolving as Rockstar Games adds new multiplayer content on a regular basis – ranging from new cosmetics to fresh vehicles, and even the chance to start your own business. 

However, if you’re behind the curve and still stealing cars to sell to Los Santos Customs, robbing convenience stores for a few hundred dollars each time, and want to avoid buying Shark Cards, we might have a few helpful hints to give you a leg up.

Whether you’re based in Los Santos or right the way up in Paleto Bay, there’s something for you to get involved in that will see you make much more cash. So, with that, let’s take a look at all of your options.

Rockstar GamesHigh value missions will bag the biggest amounts but also cost quite a lot.

Time Trials – $50,000 per week 

We’ll start with an efficient, yet, not overly rewarding method – Time Trials. These are weekly against the clock races can net you a pretty penny if you can master the right route and get below the par score.

As these are weekly races, there aren’t as replayable for big money as some of the other methods, so you’re better off just picking up an almost free $50,000 from each trial and moving on elsewhere. It’s a good starting point, though, and will help you begin to afford some of the other jobs – especially if you’re just getting to grips with Los Santos.

TIP: Watch out for the weekly GTA Online updates as Rockstar Games usually includes some boosted payouts for Time Trial missions. Sometimes they’re double and treble, so it’s worth keeping an eye out. 

Rockstar GamesThe weekly Time Trials will have you race against the clock.

Heists – $400,000 per hour depending on difficulty

Heists are the biggest money spinners in GTA Online, but can take time and effort to complete in an efficient manner. Specifically, the Pacific Standard Heist or Diamond Casino heist.

The bank job may cost $100,000 in startup fees, although completing it on easy with net you $500,000. If you’re a more experienced player, however, you can get your hands on a cool $1,000,000 for the normal difficulty and $1,250,000 on hard. You’ll need help from other players to obtain this easy profit, for just an hour or so of playtime.

The Diamond Casino heist is a different story. You do need some serious money to take on the job, but doing the set-up missions will score you a few thousand dollars a pop. Once you’ve located the contents, though, you can figure out what your max take is. Cash has a max payout of $2,115,000, Artwork is $2,350,000, Gold is a slight step up at $2,585,000 but if you find Diamonds, you can claim a maximum of $3,619,000.

Rockstar GamesThe Diamond Heist is rewarding but you will need to have some serious backing.

Motorcycle Club missions – $100,000 per hour

If you’re inspired by Sons of Anarchy, you can even start your own Biker Gang in GTA Online. These Motorcycle clubs can earn you money from passive tasks like gun running or drug smuggling, but they take time and plenty of cash to reach their full potential. Plus, you’ll have to spend at least $200,000 on a base for your club.

Nevertheless, if you own an MC, there are easy ways to make money where you’ll get your hands dirty. Using the club missions inside the setup room, you can earn between $10-20k per mission depending on which one you choose.

These can be a pain to complete in a public session, but if you and few friends just want a bit of peace and quiet, hop into a private session and get to work. You can rack up around $100,000 an hour per player. Depending on the missions that you choose, this is probably the least grinding way as some of the jobs are great fun.

Reddit: UniversalSerialButtMotorcycle Club missions can be extremely profitable.

VIP Work – $100,000 to $150,000 per hour

Now, if you’re already a high-roller in GTA Online and own a business, you can use these to add to your already huge amounts of cash. Though, if you’re new to Los Santos, try and find someone to buddy up with that is willing to help you up.

The VIP Work – which is similar to the Motorcycle Club missions – can net you between $100,000 and $150,00 per hour depending on the mission type you select and how efficient you can bounce from task to task. The three best choices are Hostile Takeover, Headhunter, and Sightseer. You’ll also get regular cash drops for keeping your CEO alive.

Again, this can all be done in private lobbies if you don’t want to test your skills against players who might have vehicles like the MKII Oppressor, so the cash will pile up before you know it.

Rockstar GamesCompleting VIP work will get you some serious money on GTA Online.

Take a punt at the GTA Casino

The Diamond Casino has given players a much different way of earning – and let’s face it, losing – money in Grand Theft Auto 5. However, there’s certainly money to be made.

There’s a wide selection of different games, including the roulette, blackjack, slot machines, and others. One of the best ways to earn money in the casino, however, is definitely Inside Track horse racing.

You can either take a look at our comprehensive Inside Track guide for horse racing tips, or simply take a punt on any of those included in the online or offline lists. Simply approach one of the stations, select the horse based on the odds and hopefully pick up plenty of chips in return – which can be transferred back into dollars by the cashier.

Rockstar GamesThere’s two Inside Track modes to play. Main event (online) and Single event (offline).

While you’re waiting for missions to cool down and restart again, this could be a perfect task to fill up some time and who knows, maybe double or treble your takings from the last heist you completed. It’s all a gamble.

So, go jump into a game and avoid the gunfire of other players – there is plenty of cash to be claimed!


Rockstar insider claims GTA Online “map expansion” in new update

Published: 17/Nov/2020 0:01

by Michael Gwilliam


A known Rockstar insider is claiming that the next big update to GTA Online will finally expand the map and bring a new heist alongside it.

For those out of the loop, GTA Online’s upcoming winter update is promising to be a big one. Rockstar has stated that the new heist will be taking place in an “entirely new location.”

While the location itself hasn’t been revealed yet, some have suggested that Rockstar will be opening up new buildings inside Los Santos.

Others believe that the new heist may be returning to the Diamond Casino as there seems to already be something currently under construction. It’s possible this could be the “new location” Rockstar hinted at.

diamonds in gta online
Rockstar Games
GTA Online players are waiting for the next big heist.

However, insider Liberty93 has now claimed that according to sources, a future update will be the “biggest in the history of GTA Online” with its first-ever map expansion.

Additionally, he wrote that the now unlisted music video for the Gorillaz song ‘The Valley of The Pagans’ teased the map expansion. The video, which was shot in GTA V, features a new island similar to the one shown on the Plastic Beach album.

There is some evidence from Rockstar that further suggests the map expansion is coming in the December patch.

Gorillaz GTA map
Some believe the Gorillaz “Valley of the Pagans” video might have teased a new GTA location.

During a Q1 earnings call, Take Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick said: “Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online will receive major updates later this fiscal year, featuring an extension to existing Frontier Pursuits for Red Dead Online, as well as Grand Theft Auto Online’s biggest update ever, featuring a new take on heists in a new location.”

Sadly, Liberty93 also claims that while he can confirm a map expansion is coming, it may not arrive in the winter update.

“Take Two likes to play with words a bit and a new location can also be a new location like the mall, the Korz Center or many others,” he explained.

GTA Online explosion at motel
Rockstar Games
The next GTA Online update will be massive.

“Caution is therefore required, even if on our side we can now confirm that a map extension should arrive sooner or later on GTA Online.”

With a standalone version of GTA Online coming to next-gen consoles in 2021, it would make sense to see a massive update to the map. Until then, all we can do is wait and see what the future holds, especially with GTA 6 still looming in the shadows.