GTA Online players furious Rockstar is “killing” Cayo Perico heist with nerfs

Connor Bennett
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GTA Online players have blasted Rockstar for “killing” the Cayo Perico heist with a raft of nerfs and changes, claiming it’s not really worth the effort anymore.

Over the years, Rockstar Games have added plenty of new heists to GTA Online, but there is none more lucrative than Cayo Perico. The job, which sees you leave Los Santos for a private island, was added back in 2020 and has remained popular ever since.

However, in a bid to shake up the game’s economy, Rockstar has made changes to the heist in recent months – mainly lowering the potential take that you can find yourself leaving the island with. 

On top of that, they’ve also increased the setup costs from $25,000 to $100,000 – which isn’t much, but is annoying – and changed the spawn rates of certain targets. We’ve not seen the lucrative Panther Statue for a while, for example. 

GTA Online players believe Rockstar is “killing” Cayo Perico heist

Well, it seems players have finally had enough, and have accused the devs of wanting to ‘kill’ the heist because of the money they’ve made off it in recent years. 

“They might as well just delete it from the game if they’re that dead set on killing it,” said one. “I haven’t played it in several updates now as unplayable as they made it, and it was barely playable before. UD makes less money, but it’s actually decently fun and not a complete frustrating chore.”

Another agreed: “It really pains me to read about all the nerfs and unnecessary patches 🙁 There are other viable moneymakers, but they will never measure up to OG Cayo.” 

“I’ve moved on to making money in my nightclub, selling mixed crates for my business, delivering stuff to ammu-nation, and calling dude for the payphone hits…,” another disappointed fan commented. 

Rockstar are unlikely to revert any of the changes in full, but it’s not out of the question that they could bump the payouts back up in the future. We’ll have to wait and see.

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