GTA 6 item secretly added to GTA Online already

Ethan Dean
GTA 6 Necklace in GTA Online

Eagle-eyed Grand Theft Auto Online players have discovered a little preview of GTA 6 hidden away in a recent update.

GTA Online has just been treated to the Bottom Dollar Bounties update. While it has been criticized for being “boring”, that has only convinced players that Rockstar is busy working on GTA 6.

The devs behind the game are no stranger to adding an Easter egg here and there in GTA Online, with a recent one convincing fans that Michael may make a return. Now, a recent inclusion from the new update appears to have given players a small sampling of GTA 6.

Initially spotted by Reddit user DogWifDreads, one of the new cosmetics added in Bottom Dollar Bounties is straight out of the GTA 6 trailer. Players will have seen it on the new protagonist Lucia while she parties in Vice City.

The item in question is the Silver Layered Necklace, which is one of the many new cosmetics that showed up in GTA Online’s Bottom Dollar Bounties update. The item is indistinguishable from the one Lucia wears in the GTA 6 trailer.

While it’s not as flashy as other new additions in the update such as the suite of new weapons and vehicles, the prospect of some early GTA 6 items in GTA Online has still excited players.

“I like that they’re giving us a tiny taste of it,” one user admitted. “Made me wonder what other articles of clothing they added in the DLC that’ll be in GTA 6,” another replied.

It seems that was on the mind of many prospective GTA 6 players as users in the comments speculated about what else may already be in GTA Online.

“I think a lot of the clothing/vehicles they’ve been adding to GTAO are being imported over from GTA 6,” one player theorized. “A lot of the new cars seem a lot more ‘polished’.”

Others pointed out that certain tattoos introduced in earlier updates also appeared in GTA 6 promotional material. “The three smiley faces that become more warped/wavy from the Fooligan DLC are on the guy who’s hanging out of the door of the green truck in the GTA 6 trailer,” a user explained.

With all these GTA 6 assets popping up in GTA Online, the hype for its 2025 release is building. What else will we see in Grand Theft Auto’s current iteration before we finally travel back to Vice City?

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