Genshin Impact leak reveals possible character banner rerun changes after 2.3 update

. 9 months ago
Ganyu in Inazuma

A Genshin Impact character banner rerun leak has uncovered some big changes that could be coming after the 2.3 update. 

Genshin Impact banner reruns enable players to unlock previously released characters, but a recent leak suggests that some major changes could soon be on the way. While many Genshin Impact fans will be looking forward to the 2.2 Childe and Hu Tao banner reruns, it looks like miHoYo may be set to change the way it handles character rereleases. 

Currently, travelers can spend Fates on the game’s Standard banner and limited-time Event banner. It’s this gacha system that enables players to unlock various units and weapons. While new 5-star characters like Baal and Kokomi are incredibly popular, there are times where miHoYo brings back older characters via banner reruns. 

This is particularly good news for players who missed out on certain units or didn’t have enough Primogems to convert into Wishes. However, a new Genshin Impact banner leak suggests that a major change to reruns is on the horizon. 

Genshin Impact banner leak reveals rerun changes

Hu Tao from Genshin Impact banner rerun
The banner changes could come after the Childe and Hu Tao banner reruns.

A renowned Genshin Impact leaker has revealed that a new banner type could be released after Childe’s rerun in 2.2. According to translations from nkhrchy, the leaker stated that the new rerun banner would feature characters and weapons that have been on past banners multiple times. 

“The banner will contain characters that have already gone through two reruns (e.g. Childe) and it will have a similar mechanic to the Epitomised Path for the weapon banner currently,” said nkhrchy. 

This means 5-star character reruns will no longer appear in Genshin Impact’s limited-time Event banner or Standard banner. While this decision will stop older characters from polluting newer 5-star releases, it could also make getting older 5-stars a little harder to get.  

Childe from Genshin Impact rerun
Childe has featured on numerous banner reruns.

“The banner might only be put in place when there are at least two characters who’ve had two reruns,” said nkhrchy. “ [There’s] possibly new currency, but [this is] unconfirmed as of posting.” Like all Genshin Impact leaks, travelers will need to take this with a grain of salt. 

We’ll likely hear more about the upcoming banner reruns in the coming months. In the meantime, make sure you check out our other Genshin Impact guides: 

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