Genshin Impact stats reveal best Spiral Abyss team comps in 3.8 update

James Busby
Ganyu and Keqing with Genshin Impact characters

A Genshin Impact survey has uncovered the best Spiral Abyss team comps used in the 3.8 update, giving Travelers the chance to see how their roster stacks up.

Genshin Impact’s Spiral Abyss offers the most difficult content in the free to play game, giving Travelers the opportunity to really put their team comps to the test. While this end-game content can be beaten with a variety of units, many players often utilize the best Genshin Impact characters

After all, these units provide plenty of damage as well as the necessary utility to help them survive the latest trials. However, a new study has now revealed which team comps are the most popular in the 3.8 update. 

So, if you wish to know where your specific roster stands or simply want to see which Genshin Impact characters are best for clearing the Spiral Abyss, then we have all the details. 

Best Genshin Impact Spirall Abyss team comps

The top five Genshin Impact Spiral Abyss team comps were posted on the game’s official Reddit page, which has since garnered a lot of attention from the community. According to the poster, this data was gathered from a pool of 84,534 players on the Genshin Impact Chinese server. 

While this may not reflect the entire playerbase across all regions, it does give us a good indication of the current meta in the Spiral Abyss. As you’d expect, Kazuha, Xiangling, and Bennett still remain firmly within the top spots, with 50% of the polled players utilizing them in their team comps. 

Meanwhile, both Xingqiu and Raiden Shogun also appeared in many rosters, thanks to their ability to buff their DPS and generate Elemental Reactions. There were also the additions of Nahida and Alhaitham, who have also proven influential in defeating the current Spiral Abyss enemies in the 3.8 update. 

Of course, these rankings will likely shift once new Spiral Abyss floors are added in the 4.0 update. Either way, it’s interesting to see how the current Genshin Impact meta stacks up.

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