All characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley & how to unlock them

Buzz Lightyear is one of the characters in Disney Dreamlight ValleyDisney / Gameloft

Disney Dreamlight Valley is all about the characters you meet along the way, so we’ve rounded up all the famous (animated) faces you can unlock so far, from Ratatouille’s Remy to Frozen’s Elsa.

Whether you’re a fan of Pixar characters like Wall-E and Buzz Lightyear or you prefer the classics like Mickey Mouse, Ariel, and Simba, there are plenty of familiar faces for you to meet when playing Disney Dreamlight Valley.

If you’re wondering which characters you can bring to your island and how to unlock them – or you’re eager to see which new characters are being added in the future – we’ve got you covered with all the details you need below.

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Characters like Scar and Woody in Disney Dreamlight ValleyDisney / Gameloft

All characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley so far

Here are all of the characters available to unlock in Disney Dreamlight Valley right now:

MerlinThe Sword in the Stone
Mickey MouseMickey Mouse & Friends
Minnie MouseMickey Mouse & Friends
Scrooge McDuckMickey Mouse & Friends
GoofyMickey Mouse & Friends
Donald DuckMickey Mouse & Friends
UrsulaThe Little Mermaid
ArielThe Little Mermaid
Prince EricThe Little Mermaid
Mother GothelTangled

How to unlock new characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are a few different ways to unlock new characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

  • Travel to Realms inside Dream Castle and complete each character’s questline.
  • Unlock new areas of Dreamlight Valley that already have characters living inside them.
  • Complete story missions and character quests.

The main way to get new characters is to visit their Realms in Dream Castle and complete their quests to convince them to move back to Dreamlight Valley. You’ll need to collect lots of Dreamlight to unlock each Realm, so this method can take quite a while.

Another way of unlocking characters is to open up new areas in Dreamlight Valley. Some of these will have characters waiting to meet you; for example, Ursula will become available once you get access to Dazzle Beach and complete her cave quest while Kristoff and Donald Duck will become available once you get access to the Forest of Valor.

New characters coming soon to Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here are all of the characters that have appeared in trailers or images and will presumably be added to Disney Dreamlight Valley in the future:

Buzz LightyearToy Story
WoodyToy Story
BeastBeauty and the Beast
BelleBeauty and the Beast
SimbaThe Lion King
ScarThe Lion King
TimonThe Lion King
PumbaaThe Lion King
StitchLilo & Stitch
SullyMonsters Inc.
RalphWreck-It Ralph
Vanellope von SchweetzWreck-It Ralph

It’s been confirmed that Scar, Buzz, and Woody will be added to Disney Dreamlight Valley alongside a Toy Story Realm at some point this Fall, which means they’ll arrive before the end of November.

None of the other characters have a release date yet, although it’s possible that Gameloft will drop a bunch of them at once when the game leaves early access at some point in 2023.

We’ll keep this article updated as more characters get released, but while you’re here, check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley page and some more guides below:

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