All characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley & how to unlock them

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Buzz Lightyear is one of the characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Dinsey Dreamlight Valley features a lot of iconic characters for players to meet, with new faces being regularly added to the game. Here’s a full list of every available character in the game, how to unlock them all, and which characters will be arriving in the future.

Disney Dreamlight Valley wouldn’t be the popular game it is without some adorable characters. Whether it’s the cute WALL-E or questionable Ursula, each character has their place in the cozy game, and allows you to complete quests, enjoy tasks, and kit out your Valley with their homes.

So, if you’re wondering which characters you can bring to your Valley and how you can unlock them, we’ve got everything you need right here.


Who are the newest characters to join Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Disney Dreamlight Valley Daisy

Introduced in the Thrills & Frills update on May 1, 2024, the latest characters to join Disney Dreamlight Valley are Daisy Duck and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

Based on the 2024 content roadmap, the next characters to join the Valley will likely be Mulan, who’ll come with a teased new Realm in late spring. Tiana is also confirmed and should arrive by the end of Summer.

All characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley & how to unlock them

There are currently 37 characters available to unlock in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can find them all listed below:

CharacterFranchiseHow to Unlock
MerlinThe Sword in the StoneAvailable from the start of the game
Mickey MouseMickey Mouse & FriendsClear the Night Thorns in front of his home
Minnie MouseMickey Mouse & FriendsLevel up friendship with Mickey to level 8
Scrooge McDuckMickey Mouse & FriendsAvailable from the start of the game. Help him open the store
GoofyMickey Mouse & FriendsProgress through the tutorial and unlock Peaceful Meadow
Donald DuckMickey Mouse & FriendsFound in the Forest of Valor inside the Dark Grove
RemyRatatouilleFound in the Ratatouille Realm
Wall-EWall-EFound in the Wall-E Realm
MoanaMoanaFound in the Moana Realm
MauiMoanaFound in the Moana Realm
UrsulaThe Little MermaidUnlocked in Dazzle Beach through “With Great Power…” quest
ArielThe Little MermaidComplete Goofy’s “The Mysterious Wreck” quest, repair the ship and travel to the island
Prince EricThe Little MermaidGet Ariel & Ursula to friendship 10. Complete A Deal With Ursula and Poor Unfortunate Eric
AnnaFrozenFound in the Frozen Realm
ElsaFrozenFound in the Frozen Realm. Complete Anna’s first quest
KristoffFrozenFound in the Forest of Valor near the Dark Grove portal
OlafFrozenComplete “The Great Blizzard” quest by heading to the north door in Frosted Heights
Mother GothelTangledFound in the large tree in the middle of the Glade of Trust
ScarThe Lion KingInside the giant elephant skull in the Sunlit Plateau. Complete Mother Gothel’s “The Curse”
SimbaThe Lion KingFound in the Lion King Realm
NalaThe Lion KingFound in the Lion King Realm
Buzz LightyearToy StoryFound in the Toy Story Realm
WoodyToy StoryFound in the Lion King Realm. Build Buzz’ RV
StitchLilo & StitchLocate slimy socks and give them to Donald
MirabelEncantoFind the golden doorknob in the Valley
The Fairy GodmotherCinderellaVisit the pumpkin home in the Forgotten Lands
Vanellope von SchweetzWreck-It RalphSpeak to Scrooge about a haunting in the Dream Castle
BelleBeauty and the BeastFound in the Beauty and the Beast Realm
BeastBeauty and the BeastFound in the Beauty and the Beast Realm
Jack SkellingtonThe Nightmare Before ChristmasBring four Matryoshka Dolls to a tree in the Forgotten Lands
Rapunzel*RapunzelSpeak to Rapunzel in The Grasslands after a few opening quests in A Rift in Time
Gaston*Beauty and the BeastComplete a few opening quests in A Rift in Time and find Gaston in the Glittering Dunes for more tasks
Eve*Wall-EComplete The Flying Metal Nuisance Quest
Mike Wazowski Monsters, Inc. Complete the Escape Claws and Eye on the Prize quest
Sulley Monsters, Inc. Complete the Escape Claws and Eye on the Prize quest
Daisy DuckMickey Mouse & FriendsComplete the You Have Mail! quest
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit*Mickey Mouse & FriendsComplete the Oswald’s Many Dimensions quest

Any dishes marked with * are DLC-exclusive.

New characters coming soon to Disney Dreamlight Valley

Key art for Disney Dreamlight Valley's A Rift in Time expansion

Here are all of the characters that have appeared in trailers or promotional images and will presumably be added to Disney Dreamlight Valley in the future.

Characters confirmed for paid DLC are marked with an asterisk.

TianaPrincess and the Frog
TimonThe Lion King
PumbaaThe Lion King
RalphWreck-It Ralph

In terms of free updates, a new realm that seems to be Mulan-related is coming in late spring. After that, Tiana was announced for summer 2024.

Aladdin villain Jafar is playing a role in the new A Rift in Time expansion story, but he is not confirmed as a Villager. Based on the Expansion Pass roadmap, it’s possible he will become recruitable by the time the third chapter is released in the summer of 2024.

We’ll keep this article updated as more characters get released, but while you’re here check out some more guides below:

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