Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to upgrade your house & get new rooms

Dreamlight Valley How to Expand and Upgrade HouseDisney, Nintendo

Disney Dreamlight Valley players will need to upgrade and expand personal houses to create the home of their dreams, but a few steps need to be completed before these options are unlocked.

Getting started in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be a real challenge. Players must complete several quests, amass plenty of money, and collect large numbers of resources to begin accessing some of the best parts of early gameplay. One of the most important early-game achievements is unlocking home upgrades and expansions.

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Home upgrades aren’t just about making the exterior of a house pretty to look at. They also give players access to better storage. Because the early access gameplay hasn’t balanced inventory management and storage options yet, it is a lucrative asset for players.

Below are the steps to unlock upgrades and expansions, and how they improve homes.

How to unlock Disney Dreamlight Valley home upgrades and expansions

The first step to unlocking home upgrades and expansions is meeting the money-grubby duck Scrooge. Players can bump into Scrooge even before entering the Dreamlight Castle with Merlin, as he blocked in by vines outside his run-down shop.

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After freeing Scrooge, players will be sent on a series of errands to get the shop up and running under the guise of learning about investing in the local economy. To access home upgrades, players must complete the following quests:

  • Making Cents of Things
  • Scrooge McDuck’s Grand Re-Opening
  • Dreamlight Valley Economy 101
Disney-Dreamlight-Valley-Home-Upgrade-Expansion-QuestsDisney, Nintendo
The grand re-opening of Scrooge’s store

The quests are fairly easy, requiring a bit of money grinding, purchase making, decorating, and item selling. Once Disney Dreamlight Valley players have completed Dreamlight Valley Economy 101, Scrooge will inform them that an elevator is now available in their home. In addition to this elevator, there is an improvement sign planted outside the house.

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Players can now pay to upgrade and expand their living spaces.

What is the difference between upgrades and expansions?

An upgrade improves the structure of the home. This includes the outside appearance, home inventory, and number of floors. An expansion adds and expands rooms within the home.

Currently, there are 4 upgrades available. The first is free, and the others are detailed below.

  • Second expansion – 2,000 Coins, increases internal storage.
  • Third expansion – 20,000 coins, outside upgrade, increases internal storage, adds second floor.
  • Fourth expansion – 75,000 coins, outside upgrade, increases internal storage, adds third floor.

Expansions can be used to add additional rooms to each floor. They come in three sizes, ranging in price from 1,000 coins to 3,000 coins.

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While the game’s early access has plenty of decorations and furniture, players shouldn’t worry too much about adding a large number of rooms right from the start. Focusing on the upgrades to the home will offer plenty of starter space while also giving access to the invaluable storage of each tier.

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