Disney Dreamlight Valley crop growth times, locations & sell price

Disney Dreamlight Valley growing cropsDisney / Gameloft

Some Disney Dreamlight Valley crops can take hours to grow meaning you’ll need to plan your farming accordingly. With than in mind, we’ve got all the crop growth times so you know which plant to start with first and when to grab those fruits.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is home to multiple activities to take part in, from quests to fishing to planting and harvesting crops. However, with so much to do, finding out the best way to spend your time within this cozy game can be challenging, especially if you need a crop in order to make a meal or complete a quest.

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Due to the time management required, we’ve compiled all the growth times for every crop and fruit in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so you know when to expect fruit to pop back up. We’ve also got where you can find the seeds and how much the crop will sell for so you can get some handy Star Coins for your patience.

Dreamlight Valley crop growth times, locations & sell price

Disney Dreamlight Valley crop growth timeDisney / Gameloft
Pumpkins are a fantastic way to make a lot of Star Coins, but it takes a long time to grow them.

With 22 unique crops to grow and harvest, knowing when certain crops will grow is imperative when figuring out how to spend your time in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Especially when trying to complete the new Halloween quests or the Star Path.

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Here are the growth times, sell price, and where you get the seeds for all the crops in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

CropLocationGrowth Time (Real-time)Sell Price
AsparagusFrosted Heights2 hours and 15 minutes133 Star Coins
Bell PepperForest of Valor15 minutes33 Star Coins
CarrotPeaceful Meadow15 minutes44 Star Coins
Chili PepperSunlit Plateau45 minutes78 Star Coins
CucumberFrosted Heights1 hour and 15 minutes159 Star Coins
EggplantFrosted Heights3 hours308 Star Coins
LeekForgotten Lands2 hours309 Star Coins
LettucePeaceful Meadow3 minutes8 Star Coins
OkraGlade of Trust2 hours114 Star Coins
OnionForest of Valor1 hour and 15 minutes170 Star Coins
PotatoForgotten Lands35 minutes126 Star Coins
PumpkinForgotten Lands4 hours664 Star Coins
SpinachGlade of Trust1 hour41 Star Coins
TomatoDazzle Beach25 minutes22 Star Coins
ZucchiniSunlit Plateau40 minutes52 Star Coins
CottonSunlit Plateau25 minutes37 Star Coins
CanolaForest of Valor35 minutes109 Star Coins
CornDazzle Beach12 minutes16 Star Coins
RiceGlade of Trust50 minutes61 Star Coins
SoyaSunlit Plateau1 hour and 30 minutes69 Star Coins
SugarcaneDazzle Beach7 Minutes19 Star Coins
WheatPeaceful Meadow1 Minute2 Star Coins

Dreamlight Valley fruit growth times, location & sell price

Disney Dreamlight Valley fruit growth timeDisney / Gameloft
Some fruits grow much quicker than others but the longer the wait the more Star Coins they’re worth.

While you don’t have to put much effort into watering, growing, or buying fruits, you do still need to wait for them to spawn after harvesting. We’ve got their growth times, where you can find them, and how much you can sell all the fruits for in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

FruitLocationGrowth TimeSell Price
ApplePlaza, Forgotten Lands20 minutes25 Star Coins
BananaPeaceful Meadow, Dazzle Beach23 minutes29 Star Coins
BlueberryDazzle Beach, Forest of Valor23 minutes29 Star Coins
CherrySunlit Plateau, Frosted Heights33 minutes42 Star Coins
Cocoa BeanGlade of Trust, Sunlit Plateau30 minutes38 Star Coins
CoconutDazzle Beach33 minutes42 Star Coins
Coffee BeansGlade of Trust40 minutes36 Star Coins
GooseberryForgotten Lands, Frosted Heights40 minutes50 Star Coins
LemonForest of Valor, Glade of Trust27 minutes33 Star Coins
RaspberryPeaceful Meadow, Plaza17 minutes21 Star Coins

Those are all the growth times for the crops and fruits in Disney Dreamlight Valley. While waiting for your favorite food to grow, take a look at some of our handy Disney Dreamlight Valley guides:

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