How to get Emeralds in Disney Dreamlight Valley

A character mining Emeralds in Disney Dreamlight ValleyDisney / Gameloft

Emeralds are a key resource in Disney Dreamlight Valley but they’re not very easy to get your hands on, so we’ve put together a guide on the best locations to find them.

There are loads of useful crafting resources like Softwood, Clay, and Iron Ore to collect throughout your time in Disney Dreamlight Valley and you’ll need them for everything from making furniture to upgrading your Royal Tools.

Some of these resources are more difficult to obtain than others, which is especially true when it comes to gems. Each type of gem can only be found in one or two locations, and most of these locations cost a lot of Dreamlight to unlock.

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Emeralds in particular seem to pop up quite often as a requirement to complete quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so if you’re wondering where to find more Emeralds, we’ve got all the details you need below.

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Emeralds in the Disney Dreamlight Valley gems menuDisney / Gameloft
Emeralds have a darker green color than Peridots.

Where to find Emeralds in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can go mining for gems anywhere in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but you’ll only be able to find Emeralds in two specific locations: the Forest Of Valor and the Glade Of Trust.

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The Forest Of Valor is the cheapest location to find Emeralds as it only costs 3,000 Dreamlight to open. If you want to boost your options, you can unlock the Glade Of Trust for 5,000 Dreamlight.

Emerald locations on the Dreamlight Valley mapDisney / Gameloft
Here are the two areas you can find Emeralds.

How to get Emeralds in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you’ve got access to either the Forest Of Valor or the Glade Of Trust, you’ll need to look along the walls for tall black rocks and smash them with your pickaxe for a small chance of earning an Emerald.

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It’s never guaranteed that you’ll get an Emerald but these rocks do respawn after around five minutes, so a good plan is to keep traveling between the two locations and mining until you find what you need.

Emeralds in a rock in Dreamlight ValleyDisney / Gameloft
Rocks with gems sticking out of them are guaranteed to contain a gem.

Another great way to farm Emeralds is to hang out with a character who has the mining role. You can check which role you assigned to each character by looking at the Collection tab after pausing the game.

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To hang out with a character, simply find them on the map, begin a conversation, and select the ‘hang out’ option. They’ll follow you around and occasionally boost your haul when you mine for gems!

If you need Emeralds to complete a quest in the game, it’s worth pointing out that Shiny Emeralds won’t qualify despite being much rarer. Your best option is to sell these as they’re worth a lot of Star Coins.

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If you’re looking for more mining tips we’ve got a complete gems guide that might help. You can also check out more Disney Dreamlight Valley guides below:

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