Lost Diaries locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley lost diary locationsDisney / Gameloft

With 37 Lost Diary entries to find in Disney Dreamlight Valley, locating them can be a challenge. Here are all of the Lost Diaries locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley in order to help you learn more about the Ruler of the land.

With so much to do in Disney Dreamlight Valley, from finding gems to making food by following the game’s many recipes, it can be easy to forget about some of the additional collectibles available to find. The Old Ruler’s Lost Diaries give you an insight into life before the Forgetting and give you something new to look for when exploring the Valley’s regions and locations in the game.

However, locating these pesky Lost Diary pages in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be particularly tough, so we’ve found compiled all of the locations that we’ve found so far in order to make your game a little easier.

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Plaza Lost Diary locations

Lost Diary Plaza Locations in Disney Dreamlight ValleyDisney / Gameloft

If you’re struggling to find the Plaza’s Lost Diaries from the map alone in Disney Dreamlight Valley, we have a deeper explanation of their location below.

Lost DiaryLocation
Lost Diary #1Walk around Scrooge McDuck’s shop and go towards the southern wall. Along that wall will be a Lost Diary note on the floor.
Lost Diary #2This Lost Diary note is found inside Mickey Mouse’s house. It’s hidden in a corner behind his black and red chair.
Lost Diary #3Head to the southeast of the Plaza towards the route into Peaceful Meadow, and by the cliff edge, you will see a Lost Diary note.
Lost Diary #4The location of this Lost Diary note depends on where you want to place Remy’s restaurant. It can be found inside the building, underneath the painting of the woman on a swing.

Peaceful Meadow Lost Diary locations

Disney Dreamlight Valley Peaceful meadow Lost Diary LocationDisney / Gameloft

A few more hints on the Lost Diary locations in the Peaceful Meadow are below.

Lost DiaryLocation
Lost Diary #1The first Lost Diary entry can be found just outside the Pillar of Friendship. Head there and it will be lying on the ground in front of the Pillar.
Lost Diary #2Go over to WALL-E’s garden and a Diary Page will be just to the west side of the plot of land.
Lost Diary #3Locate Goofy’s stall in Peaceful Meadow to find this Lost Diary entry. Just next to the boxes of flowers to the left of the stall will be the recognizable glowing page.
Lost Diary #4This entry is hidden inside Merlin’s house. Enter and search the bookshelves for the Lost Diary note.
Lost Diary #5There are actually two Lost Diary entries for you to find in Merlin’s house. This one is just near the large telescope.
Lost Diary #6The last Lost Diary note in the Peaceful Meadow can be located in Goofy’s house. Head in and go to the left-hand corner of his bed, the note is tucked between the bed and the wall.

Forest of Valor Lost Diary locations

Disney Dreamlight Valley Lost Diary Locations Forest of ValorDisney / Gameloft

Hunting for shining pages in the dark Forest of Valor is not as easy as it sounds, so check out the below hints and details if you’re struggling to find them.

Lost DiaryLocation
Lost Diary #1Head into Anna’s house on the east side of the region and look along the floor in the Library.
Lost Diary #2The second Lost Diary entry is relatively close to the first. Go out of Anna’s house and head north, where underneath a few trees, you’ll find the next Lost Diary note.
Lost Diary #3You can find this Lost Diary Entry in the west of the region. It’s near a Blueberry bush and some tree stumps.
Lost Diary #4You’ll need to get to the other side of the region to access this Lost Diary entry. Look for the wooden sign in the middle of the area, and you’ll see the shining page.

Dazzle Beach Lost Diary locations

Disney Dreamlight Valley Lost Diary LocationsDisney / Gameloft

If you’re finding it hard to locate these Lost Diary entries, more details are below.

Lost DiaryLocation
Lost Diary #1The first Lost Diary entry can be located just outside the cave where you first meet Ursula. The note is on the right of the entrance.
Lost Diary #2Once you’ve found that page, head inside the cave and look out for the shipwreck. Laying to the right of the wreck is another page.
Lost Diary #3This note can only be found if you are completing or have completed the With Great Power questline. Head into the cave and go all the way to the bottom, where you’ll find this entry.
Lost Diary #4To find this Lost Diary note, head to Donald’s boat house. Once you’re there, head west, and the note will be on the sand just off the shore.

Glade of Trust Lost Diary locations

Glade of Trust Lost Diary Locations in Disney Dreamlight ValleyDisney / Gameloft

While there may only be one Lost Diary entry in the Glade of Trust so far, finding it can be tough:

Lost DiaryLocation
Lost Diary #1The only Lost Diary entry we have found in the Glade of Trust is in the far southeast corner of the region. The page is just by the cliff on the southeast corner.

Sunlit Plateau Lost Diary locations

Disney Dreamlight Valley Sunlit Plateau mapDisney / Gameloft

When you’ve used your accumulated Dreamlight to clear the Night Thorns to open up Sunlit Plateau, there are a few additional Lost Diary entries to locate:

Lost DiaryLocation
Lost Diary #1Go straight to the Elephant Graveyard and look for the tree on the west side. The note is hidden to the left of the tree’s base.
Lost Diary #2The best way to find this note is to follow the river down. When you get to the sharp corner you’ll see the sparkling note between three trees.
Lost Diary #3You’ll need to be able to get past the bones or go via the Forgotten Lands to access this note. Once you’ve done so, head to the east side of the large pool and look for the skull. The note is next to it.
Lost Diary #4The last note can be found by using the walkway between the Forgotten Lands and the Sunlit Plateau. It’s on the floor in the middle of the path.

Frosted Heights Lost Diary locations

Disney Dreamlight Valley Frosted Heights Lost DiarymapDisney / Gameloft

The two glittering Lost Diary entries can be tough to spot in all the snow. More details on how to find it are below.

Lost DiaryLocation
Lost Diary #1The best way to find this Lost Diary entry is to head to the east side of the frozen lake.
Lost Diary #2The second lost diary page requires you to upgrade your pickaxe so you can break the large ice shards. Once you’re through the blocked part, head to the north and look for the large rock. The page is just next to it.

Forgotten Lands Lost Diary locations

Disney Dreamlight Valley Forgotten Lands Lost Diary mapDisney / Gameloft

The Forgotten Lands is likely the last region you will unlock in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and so far, we have only found two Lost Diary entries:

Lost DiaryLocation
Lost Diary #1Once you’ve entered the Forgotten Lands, go straight to the southeast corner. The page will be tucked by the rocks.
Lost Diary #2Find the southern entrance to the Sunlit Plateau and locate the large rock opposite the gooseberry bush. The page is in between the two.

Quest and Houses Lost Diary Locations

WALL-E's house lost diary noteDisney / Gameloft

Some Lost Diary entries can be found in the houses of Disney Dreamlight Valley’s resident characters, which can be placed in your town wherever you want. If you don’t have these characters’ homes in your game yet, continue playing until you do, and return here once you’ve placed their home within the Valley.

Lost DiaryLocation
WALL-E’s HouseOnce you’ve placed WALL-E’s house, head inside to the right-hand wall. Between the table and the rusty shelves is a Lost Diary note.
Donald Duck Lost DiaryDisney / Gameloft
Lost DiaryLocation
Donald’s QuestWhen you unlock the Forest of Valor, it will reveal a quest to free Donald. Complete this and he will give you a Lost Diary entry.
Disney Dreamlight Valley Minnies House Lost Diary locationDisney / Gameloft
Lost DiaryLocation
Minnie’s HouseOnce Minnie arrives in Dreamlight Valley you will be able to place her house. Put the house in your town and head inside. The Lost Diary entry is on the far wall near the bed.

While there are a total of 37 Lost Diary entries in Disney Dreamlight Valley, we’ve yet to find them all ourselves. However, we will be updating this whenever we find a new one, so make sure to check back regularly for more tips to find these pages as we discover them.

So, there you have it — that’s where to find the Lost Diary pages in Disney Dreamlight Valley. In the meantime, take a look at some of our other Disney Dreamlight Valley guides:

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