Disney Dreamlight Valley: All Hidden Requirements for Stitch Friendship Quests

Jessica Filby
Disney Dreamlight Valley Stitch hidden requirements

Disney Dreamlight Valley is filled with mysteries and puzzles. Some are easily solved but others can be much harder to solve, especially when they stop you from completing quests. This is the case with the three Hidden Requirements for Stitch’s questlines. Here’s how to solve all the Hidden Requirements for Stitch.

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Toy Story update introduced a plethora of new Star Paths, recipes, and characters like Buzz, Woody, and Stitch. However, along with those new characters came new friendship quests.

Some are easy to complete while others, like Stitch, come with a few Hidden Requirements, meaning players can’t complete the quest without first finding an unknown object.

So, we’ve compiled all three of Stitch’s Hidden Requirements in this cozy game so you can get on with becoming best friends with this adorably mischievous alien.


Stitch’s First Hidden Requirement: Vandalized Signs

The first hidden requirement you’ll need to find to unlock Stitch’s first friendship-level quest is located in Peaceful Meadow in the form of vandalized signs.

Technically you’ll find the quest begins once you locate one of these signs however you’ll soon be instructed to find the rest of them so we’ve included all three locations. Finding one will complete the hidden requirement for this quest.

  1. The entrance into Dazzle Beach from the south of Peaceful Meadow.
  2. The entrance into Dazzle Beach from the east of Peaceful Meadow.
  3. The entrance into the Glade of Trust from the Peaceful Meadows.

Stitch’s Second Hidden Requirement: Coffee Cup

Disney Dreamlight Valley garden
WALL-E’s trashed garden is the clue to this Hidden Requirement.

The second Hidden Requirement will need to be found if you want to both complete the Very Sleepy Stitch quest and unlock Coffee Beans which is found during the level four quest.

This Hidden Requirement is located in WALL-E’s Garden. When you reach level four friendship with Stitch you’ll end up finding WALL-E’s Garden in a messy condition. Laying in the mess is a Coffee Cup. Pick it up and the quest will begin.

Stitch’s Third Hidden Requirement: Patience is key

The last Hidden Requirement comes to players at the last available friendship quest for Stitch. Luckily this one is a lot easier to locate and complete than the other two.

The only thing you need to do is complete all the other written requirements and then wait one day. The next day when you log in, the quest will be available.

Those are all three hidden requirements in Stitch’s questline. While waiting for your friendship to level up, take a look at some of our other handy Disney Dreamlight Valley guides:

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