Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to complete A Taste of Home

Jessica Filby
Disney Dreamlight Valley Mirabel

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Mirabel has some great quests to follow, just like A Taste of Home. So, here’s how to complete A Taste of Home in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s third major update introduced a variety of new elements, from a new Star Path, a rather controversial Premium Store, new recipes, and two adorable characters. One such character is Mirabel who, upon arrival, has some exciting quests to complete.

The first quest you’ll come up against is to fix up Mini-Casita, the second is called A Taste of Home which includes a tricky recipe. With that in mind, here’s a walkthrough of Disney Dreamlight Valleys A Taste of Home so you can get back to unlocking Olaf or solving that tricky gem puzzle.

How to complete A Taste of Home in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Reach friendship level 4 with Mirabel

The first thing you’ll need to do is reach a friendship level of four with Mirabel. This can be done by completing her first quest, giving her gifts, and speaking to her every day.

Once you’ve done this, she will approach you about forgetting a special recipe for food dear to her heart. She’ll ask you for your help creating this delicious food and will begin the Taste of Home quest.

Make Buñuelos for Mirabel

Disney Dreamlight Valley recipe
Luckily you get told three out of the four ingredients for Bunuelos.

As it always goes with food-related quests, head over to Remy and hand him the dish Mirabel’s already made.

He will tell you three of the four ingredients and will task you with experimenting until you find the right recipe. For those wanting to speed through the quest, we’ve got the recipe right here:

  • 1 Wheat
  • 1 Milk
  • 1 Eggs
  • 1 Cheese

The fourth ingredient you’re looking for is Cheese. Simply put all those ingredients in a pot and create your Bunuelos.

Cook Bunuelos for three characters

After successfully cooking the Bunuelos, Mirabel will ask you to create three more for her friends around the village. Craft three more Bunuelos, and hand them to Mickey Mouse, Scrooge McDuck, and Goofy. After this, the A Taste of Home Disney Dreamlight Valley quest will be complete.

Once you’ve completed A Taste of Home, the next Mirabel quest is called Meddling Mirabel. We have a handy guide for that quest here if you need help completing it.

So, with that, you’ve completed A Taste of Home in Disney Dreamlight Valley. While waiting for your Wheat to grow, take a look at some of our other Disney Dreamlight Valley content and guides to help you throughout the game:

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