Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to change House skins, paint colors, wallpaper & doors

Disney Dreamlight Valley House UpgradesGameloft

Disney Dreamlight Valley players can now add a slew of personal touches to their homes – both inside and outside. This guide will help fans change their house in Dreamlight Valley, as well as their home skins, paint colors, wallpapers, and interior doors.

The new Disney Dreamlight Valley update went live early on February 16, 2023, and offers a slew of new features to the early access game. Players can now befriend Olaf and Mirabel, meet Mini-Casita, purchase new Star Path items, and add personal touches to their own homes.

The new updates also come alongside the introduction of the Premium Content Shop, which contains a new home skin – a majestic palace.

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With so many exciting new features to take advantage of, here are the steps to change house colors, skins, wallpapers, and doors in the new Disney Dreamlight Valley update.

Disney Dreamlight Valley February 15 patch notesGameloft

How to change house paint colors & skins in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are a few steps players will need to complete before gaining access to the different paint colors and skins now available for personal homes. According to a post from the Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitter, players will first need to be at maximum upgrade level for their homes. This means purchasing all four expansions from Scrooge McDuck.

Players will then need to enter Furniture Mode while outside the house and pick it up. This will then offer the “replace” option. From here, players can change their exterior paint colors and their home skin.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley home colorsGameloft
Five new home colors in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Currently, home skins and colors are limited. There are only five current colors and the Palace skin is expensive, costing 3,750 Moonstones in the Premium Content Shop. Because of this, it could take some time for players to truly customize their home exteriors to reflect their personal style.

How to apply wallpaper on one wall

Disney Dreamlight Valley players now have more control over their wallpaper choices than ever before thanks to a new feature that allows each wall to have its own color. Thankfully, the new decorating option does not require the home to be fully upgraded. Instead, players can follow the steps below to try it out.

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  • Enter your home
  • Open your menu and select Furniture
  • Navigate to the Wallpaper option
  • Select the desired color
  • Using the new grab feature, drag the color to the desired wall
  • Click the wall

Players can choose to have different colors on all walls, or simply add a solid or patterned accent wall in any room of their home. This is perfect for adding a more personalized flair to interior designs.

How to move and replace interior doors

Players can also change up the appearance of interior doors, as well as move them to a preferred position on the wall, in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Like with the new Wallpaper feature, this option is easy to use. Players only need to enter furniture mode while in their home, and then use their cursor to select the door.

They can change the placement by dragging the door along the wall using the snap grid and can change the appearance by selecting “Y” to open the Replace door menu. This new feature will help prevent a clashing door design in carefully decorated rooms and add an extra level of personal flare to the spaces.

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