Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to complete Meddling Mirabel quest

Mirabel and Mini CasitaDisney / Gameloft

Mirabel is one of the latest characters to arrive in Disney Dreamlight Valley, bringing with her a variety of quests. So, here’s how to complete the Middling Mirabel questline and further your friendship with the beloved character.

The third Disney Dreamlight Valley update introduced a new Star Path, new recipes, and two characters from two beloved Disney films. One such character is the popular Mirabel from Encanto, bringing with her some exciting quests for players to follow.

However, the nature of the game leaves many players trying to figure out recipes, learn how to feed animals, and locate hidden items. So, with that in mind, here’s a handy walkthrough of the Meddling MIrabel questline so you know exactly how to complete it.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley how to unlock MirabelDisney / Gameloft
Mirabel has some fantastic questlines to follow.

How to complete Meddling Mirabel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Reach friendship level 7 with Mirabel

To initiate the Meddling Mirabel quest you’ll need to reach friendship level 7 with Mirabel, completing her previous quest and unlocking both Donald and Dazzle Beach.

To level Mirabel up it’s worth giving her all her three favorite gifts, speaking to her regularly, and hanging out with her when possible.

Locate the Cash Register Key and feed the Raccoons

Disney Dreamlight Valley RaccoonDisney / Gameloft
Feeding Raccoons can be tricky but the rewards are worth it.

Once you’ve reached level 7 with Mirabel she will tell you that Donald and Scrooge had a fight, resulting in Donald being thrown into the river and Scrooge losing his cash register key.

Mirabel will tell you everything that happened and will task you with both finding the cash register key and feeding two raccoons.

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The cash register key can be found in the far southeast corner of the Forest of Valor and requires a shovel to dig up.

As for the raccoons, we have a handy guide detailing how you can feed them as well as the best food to use so you can get a great reward at the same time.

Make a Seashell Frame and Red Fruit Pie

Disney Dreamlight Valley Red Fruit PieDisney / Gameloft
The recipe and crafting shouldn’t take too long unless you avoid the beach.

Once you’ve grabbed the key and fed the raccoons, head back to Scrooge and then to Mirabel. She’ll tell you how she wants to make Scrooge happy by making him a Seashell Frame and a Red Fruit Pie.

To make a Seashell Frame you’ll need the following materials:

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  • 8 Glass
  • 10 Softwood
  • 5 Clams
  • 5 Scallops

To cook a Red Fruit Pie you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • 1 Raspberry
  • 1 Wheat
  • 1 Butter

After crafting and cooking a Seashell Frame and a Red Fruit Pie, head back to Mirabel and watch her converse with Scrooge. Once that’s ended, the quest will be complete.

That’s how to complete the Disney Dreamlight Valley Meddling Mirabel quest. While crafting a Seashell Frame or a Red Fruit Pie why not take a look at some of our other helpful Disney Dreamlight Valley guides and content:

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