Disney Dreamlight Valley players baffled by “comically overpriced” microtransactions

Disney Dreamlight Valley castle skinGameloft

Disney Dreamlight Valley players are unsettled over a new addition seen in the February 2023 update, which has introduced a Premium Content Store and the ability to purchase Moonstone currency in microtransactions.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is an adorable, Disney-themed slice-of-life that allows players to build a fantasy village filled with iconic characters. The game was released in early access for consoles and PC in 2022 and has been well-received by players for its relaxing gaming and generally accessible content.

Players have had plenty of new updates to keep gameplay fresh, with the most recent February 2023 addition introducing characters like Frozen’s Olaf and Encanto’s Mirabel. The update also added a new Star Path for Disney’s 100th anniversary and a slew of improvements to overall mechanics and features.

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However, one new feature many were expecting so soon for Disney Dreamlight Valley was the introduction of a premium currency shop. Moonstone premium currency has been in the game since launch, as it is needed for the Star Path events, but now players can purchase it using real money, and fans are unsettled by the prices.

Disney Dreamlight Valley players worry about microtransactions

In a recent Twitter post by Disney Dreamlight Valley, the developer shows off the new castle skin that players can purchase using premium Moonstone currency. The post reads, “Get a house that inSPIRES you! Upgrade your home and live like royalty with this new optional Dream Style – available now in the Premium Shop for a limited time!”

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However, players are voicing concern over the 3,750 Moonstone pricetag instead of sharing excitement. The cost of Moonstone sitting at $9.99 USD for 2,500 makes the castle skin – and every other cosmetic bundle in the new Premium Content Shop – shockingly expensive.

Disney Dreamlight Valley fans have taken to the comments to share their worry, with one stating, “I got it already – though only because I had moonstones left. The premium shop prices are way overpriced. You can’t seriously expect us to pay around 200 EUR per month just to get all the items. Please, please just lower the prices,” and another added, “I’d love to, but holy moly, the premium shop is comically overpriced. Even for a game that’ll be free to play eventually”.

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Some are already worried the new premium prices could spell disaster for the game, with a player commenting, “messed up the game for me with this “premium shop”.. was really hoping the game wouldn’t go in that direction. microtransactions have ruined so many games”.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any work from Gameloft regarding the reception of the premium currency prices. With so few ways to earn Moonstones and so many purchases now requiring them, some balances may be needed to keep fans interested.