Disney Dreamlight Valley The Great Blizzard quest: How to unlock Olaf

Disney Dreamlight Valley OlafDisney / Gameloft

Olaf has arrived in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but you’ll need to complete The Great Blizzard quest if you want to unlock the adorable Snowman. So, here’s a handy walkthrough to help you through every step of the Olaf questline.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is one of those cozy games that you can just keep coming back to, especially with it receiving regular updates and new questlines to follow. One such questline introduced to the game in the latest update is The Great Blizzard. This quest will enable players to unlock the adorable Olaf, but they’ll need to complete some puzzles and crafting before this can become a reality.

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So, with the length of the quest and the complexity of the puzzle, we’ve put together everything you need to know about unlocking Olaf and how to complete The Great Blizzard quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.


Disney Dreamlight ValleyDisney / Gameloft
Unlock Olaf with The Great Blizzard questline in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Talk to Merlin to start the quest

To begin the Great Blizzard questline you’ll need to head over to Merlin. He will tell you all about the Blizzard currently in the Frosted Heights and implore you to try to fix the pillar in the biome. This will lead you to the Frosted Heights, right into the Blizzard.

Look for the door in the Cliff

The door in the cliff Disney Dreamlight ValleyDisney / Gameloft
The cave is nicely tucked away so look carefully.

Upon exploring the Frosted Heights Blizzard, you’ll come across a mysterious door, much like the one in Dazzle Beach. Once you find it, interact with the door and head inside.

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Once in, you’ll see the adorable Olaf! Only he doesn’t seem to have his carrot nose, buttons, or stick arms. He’ll tell you all about how some mysterious Squirrels ran off with his body, and naturally, it’s up to you to find them and get this back.

You shouldn’t have too many issues finding the four squirrels. They’re all in the Frosted Heights and can be caught relatively easily.

Speak to Olaf and Elsa

After giving Olaf his nose and buttons, he’ll explain that he was carrying the Orb when his arms were taken, meaning, if you find the arms, you’ll find the orb. Naturally, you’ll need Elsa’s help with this.

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Once you’ve found Elsa, she’ll tell you to investigate the pillar and use your watering can near it. Following that, speak to Elsa again and head back into the cave to speak to Olaf.

He’ll tell you to try and look for memories inside the cave, prompting you to water the pools near you. Next, you’ll need to discuss your findings with Olaf once more.

Craft the Dreamlight Prism

Disney Dreamlight Valley Dreamlight PrismDisney / Gameloft
Most of these ingredients are easy to find around the Valley.

After a short back and forth between Olaf and your character, he will eventually instruct you to craft a Dreamlight Prism. Thankfully, this isn’t too tough and only requires three ingredients:

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  • 10 Glass
  • 5 Purified Night Shards
  • 3 Shattered Prisms

To craft the Glass you’ll need to head into Dazzle Beach and find 50 sand. Then head back to the crafting table and create the glass, with 10 Coal Ore.

The Purified Night Shards can be crafted with 5 Dream Shards and 15 Night Shards, which can be found by removing Night Thorns.

Lastly, you’ll find the Shattered Prisms dotted around the cave with Olaf in.

Solve the Gem Puzzle

Disney Dreamlight Valley gem puzzle solutionDisney / Gameloft
The puzzle resembles the colors of the rainbow.

After you’ve made the Dreamlight Prism, place it on the pedestal in the middle of the room. The next quest in Disney Dreamlight Valleys The Great Blizzard is to complete the Gem Puzzle quest, of which a handy guide with the answer can be found here.

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As soon as the gems are all in the right place a cutscene will begin and you’ll be able to enter the portal. Simply head in there, grab Olaf’s arms and the Orb, get back in and the quest will be ready to end! Hand Olaf back his arms, place the orb on the pillar and you’ll have a brand new snowy character to befriend, as well as no more blizzards.

So, that’s how you can complete The Great Blizzard in Disney Dreamlight Valley and unlock Olaf. While mining for the right gems, take a look at some of our other handy Disney Dreamlight Valley guides and content:

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