Disney Dreamlight Valley DreamSnaps: Weekly challenge, rewards & how to take part

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Disney Dreamlight Valley DreamSnaps

Disney Dreamlight Valley may be all about making friends and chilling out, but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of friendly competition. So, to ensure you get the best chance at winning, here’s everything you need to know about the weekly DreamSnaps challenge.

Acting as the first competition inside Disney Dreamlight Valley, DreamSnaps is a wonderful way for the game’s budding creators and designers to get rewarded for their hard work. Whether it’s outfits or landscapes, this competition allows for tons of creativity, and everyone gets a reward, so why wouldn’t you give it a go?

However, the better you do, the better your rewards, so understanding the challenge is imperative. To help with that, here’s everything you need to know, from what this week’s challenge is, how to take part, and what rewards you can expect.


DreamSnaps weekly challenge (April 10)

Disney Dreamlight Valley DreamSnaps

This week’s DreamSnaps challenge is called Monster-sona.

The challenge description is: “It’s time to let your inner monster out! Style an outfit to show off your monstrous side. Get inspired by Monsters, Inc. or go your own way — just make it weird and wondrous!”


  • 3 Quirky
  • 4 Wondrous


  • Monsters, Inc.
  • Strong

As these challenges reset every Wednesday at 1 pm UTC, you’ll need to complete it before then. Check back here on April 24 for the next challenges and description.

Last week’s DreamSnaps

Last week’s DreamSnaps challenge was called Moana’s Village.

The challenge description was: “Get into an island groove! Dress up your Village with decor inspired by the world of Moana”


  • 4 Calm
  • 5 Delicate


  • Rustic
  • Moana

What is Disney Dreamlight Valley’s DreamSnaps

Disney Dreamlight Valley DreamSnap

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s DreamSnaps is a competition between players where you have to take photos that match the challenge description and item tags.

Depending on how successful your photos are, you’ll get a certain amount of Pixel Dust which is then placed onto the DreamSnaps level track, which is essentially a leaderboard.

Once submitted, your photos can be voted on, with the community choosing a winner based on the best image. You can vote without submitting a photo too, which will grant you some rewards.

How to join Disney Dreamlight Valley DreamSnaps

To join the Disney Dreamlight Valley DreamSnaps you’ll first need to unlock Vanellope Von Schweetz, which can be done by following this guide.

Then, once you’ve done this, simply follow these steps to take part in the DreamSnaps competition:

How to take part in the competition:

  1. Head into the Menu and click on the Event Tab.
  2. Read the description of the challenge theme (or check out the theme below)
  3. Collect your chosen furniture or clothing and place it based on the theme and rules.
  4. Take a photo.
  5. Select submit your design and it will be submitted (If it fits the requirements)
  6. If you’re not happy with the image, you can retake it.

How to vote for the DreamSnaps winner:

  1. Navigate to the Menu and select the Event Tab.
  2. Select ‘Vote Now.’

DreamSnaps rewards

There are tons of useful rewards in the DreamSnaps challenge from Moonstones to furniture and clothes.

Each participant of the challenge will earn a minimum of 300 Moonstones along with some random furniture or clothing item. While the top five voted designers can bring home a max of 12,000 Moonstones.

Lastly, you can receive up to 50 Moonstones by voting for other players’ submissions, so it’s well worth taking part every week.

So there you have it, that’s everything you need to know about Disney Dreamlight Valley’s DreamSnaps weekly challenge. While waiting for the next challenge, take a look at some of our other handy Disney Dreamlight Valley guides and content:

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