Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to make Training Manuals & how to use

Disney Dreamlight Valley Training ManualsDisney / Gameloft

The Disney Dreamlight Valley update has introduced Training Manuals, but what are they and how can you make them? We’ve got all the answers here.

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s third update has added a variety of fresh content from a new Star Path, recipes, characters, and Training Manuals. Such Training Manuals are entirely new and therefore cause a lot of fans to wonder what they do and how they can make them.

Luckily, they have an extremely useful task in the game and will likely come in handy for many fans. So, here’s what they’re for and how you can make your own.

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What are Training Manuals for in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Disney Dreamlight Valley Training Manuals are gifts you can give to villagers to change their specialty.

For example, if you have Moana with the mining skill but instead think it’s best to get her the fishing skill, then give her the Fishing Training Manual and that will be her specialty.

However, you’ll first need to get the character’s friendship level to ten before you’re able to hand them the book, so choose wisely initially or give them some gifts to boost that friendship fast.

Disney Dreamlight Valley update patch notes dateDisney / Gameloft
Training Manuals will help you change the specialty of your villagers.

How to make Training Manuals in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are five different Manuals you can craft in Disney Dreamlight Valley, each representing the different jobs you can assign villagers. You’ll need some Dreamlight first, then the rest of the ingredients are dependent on the book.

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Training ManualRecipe
Digging Training Manual5,000 Dreamlight, 20 Pebbles, 20 Sand, 30 Soil
Fishing Training Manual5,000, Dreamlight, 2 Swordfish, 5 Bream, 10 Herring
Foraging Training Manual5,000 Dreamlight, 30 Bananas, 20 Blueberries, 10 Basil
Gardening Training Manual5,000 Dreamlight, 40 Corn, 60 Tomato, 20 Carrots
Mining Training Manual5,000 Dreamlight, 2 Topaz, 2 Aquamarine, 2 Peridot

That’s everything you need to know about Training Manuals in Disney Dreamlight Valley as well as how to make them for yourself. While you’re waiting to level up your character’s friendship levels, check out some of our other handy Disney Dreamlight Valley guides:

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