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When does Fortnite Season 7 end? Season 8 start date

Published: 8/Jun/2021 10:15

by Nick Farrell


Fortnite Season 7 may have just arrived, but before you know it, we will be heading towards the conclusion of the season in a blink of an eye. While players are getting to grips with the new season, many will be wondering how much time they’ve got with it, and when Season 8 will arrive!

The alien takeover of Fortnite Season 7 is one that came out of nowhere from Epic Games, but is a pleasant surprise for fans of the game.

The map has seen some astronomical changes, and the skins within the battle pass are among the best we have seen in quite some time. It’s safe to say players will have more their enough content to last them the Summer.


Speaking of Summer, it looks like Season 7 is going to be here a while, but when exactly does it end? Let’s take a look!

Fortnite Superman skin
Epic Games
The iconic Superman makes an appearance within Season 7

When does Fortnite Season 7 end?

Similar to other seasons, as soon as Epic Games pulled the plug on the servers for downtime to implement the new patch, data miners pilled into the files to uncover an ample amount of details around the new season.

Once again, they were able to find the exact endpoint of the current Season, and thankfully, it’s not too long.

Well-known leaker, HYPEX, was first to note that Fortnite Season 7 will end on September 12, 2021. This is just in time for a brand new season, with an all-new Halloween-themed battle pass, as Season 8 should run through the Fall months into Winter 2021.


Keep in mind that there is always a chance that this season’s end date will get extended. So while this date is great to have in the back of our minds, it is always subject to change.

When does Season 8 start?

New Weapon fortnite Season 7
Epic Games
The new alien weapons are a blast to play with in Season 7!

According to Hypex, Chapter 2 Season 8 should begin on September 13, 2021, barring any delays.

This, of course, depends on how Epic is doing in the lead-up to the new season and if they are ready to release the new season on time. But, we have not seen a season delayed in over a year, so fingers crossed it does not occur with Season 8.

So, that’s all you need to know about Fortnite Season 8! Fancy checking out some guides to help you snag those Victory Royales? Check out: How to defeat Dr Slone and get Mythic Pulse Rifle | How to open Cosmic Chests and where to find them | How to craft weapons in Fortnite: Nuts and Bolts guide