Fortnite players are convinced open-world RPG spinoff is coming after new Season 7 leaks

Brad Norton
Fortnite Save The World

Fresh Fortnite Season 7 leaks have revealed new artwork for a mysterious playlist that has fans convinced an open-world mode is on the horizon.

When Fortnite first launched, it did so with Save The World and nothing else. Before long, the Battle Royale component was set free and took the gaming industry by storm. Nowadays, it’s what the massively successful title is known for.

But that could be set to change as recent leaks have indicated that something entirely new is in the works.

First revealed through the Epic Games vs Apple lawsuit, Fortnite developers have been experimenting with the concept of an open-world simulation sandbox mode”. This project aims to launch the smash hit “beyond” the confines of the battle royale genre, Fortnite leaker HYPEX claimed.

Now, brand new artwork has slipped through the cracks, implying this open-world style mode could be coming sooner than later.

Currently labeled as a limited-time mode, Epic secretly updated the ‘Saturn_Test’ file in Fortnite’s code on August 10. Prominent Fortnite dataminer iFireMonkey quickly uncovered what this update was for.

Brand new artwork for the mode appeared in Fortnite’s files. This artwork shows four characters standing together with an assortment of weapons in hand, seemingly ready to fight off an incoming attack.

Peely is holding a mystical wand, Jonesy has a sword, Fishstick has a spear and a shield, while Cuddle Team Leader has a bow and arrow at the ready. There’s no telling for certain what they’re preparing for, though many believe this artwork is tied to Epic’s open-world project.

When asked what they think the artwork represents, “open-world” or “survival RPG” modes were the most common responses. “Probably why [patch] 17.40 has been tested 706 times,” one player suggested.

Since we only have artwork to go off for now, however, plenty of unique possibilities were also put forward. From a Clash of Clans crossover to a potential MOBA, we could be in store for something completely different.

With more and more leaks slipping through the cracks, time will tell if the implied open-world project ever sees the light of day. Though it certainly appears Epic is gearing up for something big.

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