How to remove Alien parasites in Fortnite Season 7

Nick Farrell
alien parasites

The pesky aliens have taken over the Fortnite map to some degree, and they have left some annoying parasites that may stick onto you during a match! 

The alien invasion of Fortnite Season 7 is one that came out of nowhere from Epic Games, but is a pleasant surprise for fans of the game.

With an ample amount of new weapons, vehicles such as UFOs, and other items for players to check out in the new season, content is not lacking with this new update.

The aliens have also brought over some new parasites that players may encounter during a match, and if you do not know what they are at first, they can be rather pesky.

Here’s a full explanation of what alien parasites do in Fortnite and how to quickly detach them!

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What are alien parasites and what do they do?

By now, most of you have seen the alien technology that has invaded the Fortnite island. As there are four brand new weapons from the aliens, along with UFOs around the map for players to fly and wreak havoc on opposing players.

Another aspect that they have added into the game from the aliens are these attachable parasites that will jump onto you when you come across one. Essentially, they grant the player a mobility buff for a short period of time, but since they are parasites, they will drain some of your health in exchange.

This is similar to the way Octane from Apex Legends work, as his Stim Shots grants players increased speed for a little bit of health, and it seems Epic has taken inspiration from this with the new alien parasites in Fortnite.

How do I remove alien parasites?

If you are low on health or do not want it to be drained these parasites attach to you, HYPEX has noted a quick way for players to remove them.

Here are the steps to remove the alien parasites.

  1. Once an alien parasite sticks to you, look around for fire, water, or props.
  2. Enter into one of these environmental features within Fortnite.
  3. The parasite should then detach from you.

As of now, it is still unclear where and how often these parasites spawn around the new Fortnite map for Season 7. But, they seem to be a random occurrence that could happen at any point during a match, so be on the lookout when you are roaming around the map.

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