Fortnite Big Bang live event recap: Eminem concert, LEGO mode, OG map destroyed & more

Rishabh Sabarwal
Fortnite Big Bang event recap

With the highly anticipated Eminem concert capping off Fortnite’s Big Bang live event, players were treated to an abundance of fresh and exciting gameplay. Despite the OG map’s destruction yet again, here’s a recap for those who missed out.

The Big Bang live event that has been one of the most anticipated in the game for the past month, has now officially concluded Fortnite’s Chapter 4. In order to secure a position to watch rap legend Eminem perform and experience brand-new content, a tremendous number of players flocked to the event playlist well in advance.

Since a number of players were kicked out of the game due to server overloads, Epic assured players that two more event showings would occur following the conclusion of the initial one. However, those who were fortunate enough to attend the first show expressed their joy, as the live show proved to be epic.

Here is a complete recap of the Big Bang in case you’re still bummed out over not being able to attend the live event.

Fortnite Big Bang live event recap

OG Map gets destroyed once more

The event began with the Dusty Divot Rocket entering a rift after launching into the sky. It then collided with the meteor, which caused a rift to appear in front of it and brought multiple missiles to attack the meteor as it soon disappeared.

It reemerged from a rift in the sky, this time bursting through the Loot Lake house, Kevin the Cube, and ultimately penetrating the Zero Point as it had in Chapter 1 Season X. As the original map vanished indefinitely into a black vortex, the Zero Point soon sank and engulfed the entire island once more.

Entering the multiverse

Fortnite multiverse
Players entered the Fortnite multiverse for the first time.

Soon after being entangled in a black hole, players were thrown into a vortex that transported them to a multiverse, where they beheld the coexistence of universes and galaxies. Players entering and exiting a vortex into the multiverse space comprised the majority of this scene, which was a cinematic sequence.

Nobody could have foreseen what lay ahead, elevating the experience from being just an event to a gameplay of epic proportions.

LEGO open world game mode

After months of anticipation and numerous teases, Epic Games finally granted players access to the LEGO game mode, which transported them to an unanticipated open world. Immediately upon entering the blocky universe, the players were transformed into LEGO characters capable of traversing the entire island by gliding.

They were able to observe other characters constructing, battling, driving, and even confronting a beast. The gameplay demonstrated how the forthcoming LEGO mode will grant players access to a new Battle Royale island and how authentic Fortnite outfits will be transformed into blocks.

Rocket Racing mode

Psyonix’s Rocket League universe is the next destination. Fortnite unveiled the mechanics of its forthcoming Rocket Racing mode, which will allow players to race circuits with their Rocket League vehicles.

At the outset, players mounted a vehicle and operated unique abilities while the car traversed a racing course. Players were capable of Drift Boost, Thruster Usage, Air Dodge, and ultimately achieving a Turbo NOS on their vehicle.

In the course of the race, the victorious car propelled the players into an alternate universe.

Fortnite Festival mode featuring Eminem

Upon being transported to an alternate universe, players found themselves in the midst of a concert arena, where they were taken aback by a performance of “Lose Yourself” by Eminem’s Slim Shady persona. A brief interface resembling that of Guitar Hero appeared shortly thereafter, requiring players to match the beats and rhythm of the song being performed by pressing buttons across a grid.

And hence, an exclusive sneak peek of the forthcoming Fortnite Festival mode was provided. This mode, which is being developed in collaboration with Harmonix, the renowned music game developer of Rock Band, will feature additional artists, beginning with The Weeknd.

Upon the conclusion of the corresponding gameplay, an enormous Marshall Never More persona of Eminem elevated the concert arena and began rapping on the hit song Godzilla. In an environment engulfed in magma and flames, players were able to experience an immersive concert.

As soon as his performance concluded, players were hurled back into the multiverse; however, this time they came to a halt in front of the brand-new island for Chapter 5 Season 1. Once there, players will be granted the ability to abandon the game following a brief three-minute delay.

Now the game is currently under downtime, we’ll keep you updated right here when it ends and a new Fortnite season begins.

So there you have it – a full recap of the Fortnite Big Bang event. For more stuff on the new season, check out our other guide content:

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