How to get FIFA 23 FUT Draft Tokens: Free Draft Tokens

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FIFA 23 Draft Tokens are a rare commodity and getting a hold of a free one is quite rare, but not impossible. Here’s how to get a free FUT Draft Token in Ultimate Team.

Ultimate Team has many different avenues for players to explore and spend their hours, but one of the main ones all these years later is the game’s FUT Draft.

Whereas FUT Champions and Division Rivals provide players with purely competitive game modes revolving around buying and selling and assembling the most formidable team possible, the Draft follows suit — but in a different way.

The Draft is more light-hearted and its shorter four-match format makes it endlessly enticing, but to take part you need a FUT Draft Token. They typically cost 15,000 coins or 300 FIFA Points, but there are also ways to land one for free in the game.

How to get free FUT Draft Tokens

A free FUT Draft Token grants you one entry into the Draft, free of charge, and allows you to enjoy the mode as normal and earn rewards. Some of the methods of obtaining one include packs, SBCs, and just general generosity from EA.


One of the main things to do in FIFA Ultimate Team is to open packs in the hopes of acquiring one of the game’s best cards with a sparkly and flashy walkout animation to boot.

The odds are extraordinarily slim, but it’s entirely possible to get a FUT Draft Token from a pack, even just a bog-standard 5K Gold Pack!


Every now and again EA will offer up a free Draft Token in the form of an SBC. Now, it doesn’t always work out as cheap to complete the SBC, but if you have the players already available for the challenge, then you can simply trade in some fodder and get yourself a free ticket to the FUT Draft.

Free gift from EA

Whether as compensation due to technical issues or server issues, or just a generous pat on the back, EA has been known to hand out a free win before with a completely cost-free FUT Draft Token. This may happen once every Ultimate Team cycle, but take the good breaks while you can we say.

FUT Draft Tokens are a solid way of getting even more out of FIFA 23, and if you’re interested in finding out even more about the game, then we have a ton of guides below:

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