FIFA 23 Division Rivals rewards: Ranks, release times & more

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The FIFA 23 Ultimate Team season is about to begin, which means the Division Rivals grind is back on. We’ve got everything you need to know about FIFA 23 Division Rivals, from the format to when rewards are released.

FIFA 23 is here for Ultimate Edition owners, and fans are gearing up for another year of Ultimate Team, as they try and craft a squad full of football’s biggest names.

FUT 23 has no shortage of ways to earn packs, from the new FUT Moments mode to tried and tested features like Squad Battles and FUT Champions. However, for many, Division Rivals will be their bread butter.

Rivals is FIFA 23’s main online mode for those who want the challenge of facing a real opponent before the Weekend League kicks off. Here’s everything you need to know about FIFA 23 Division Rivals, including when the rewards will be released.


FIFA 23 Division Rivals explained

FIFA 23 Divison Rivals works on a seasonal progression system, where players climb up through the leagues by winning online matches. Each division is broken up into a series of steps, and players move along the ladder as follows:

  • Win – one step forward
  • Lose – one step back
  • Draw – hold current position

There are 10 divisions to grind through, as well as an Elite Division for the most skilled players. Along the way, certain notches act as a checkpoint, meaning it’s impossible to slip any further back no matter how many times a defeat is suffered.

Winning three games in a row also unlocks a multiplier, meaning that one win gains two steps forward for as long as the streak continues. The aim is to move along in each division and win enough games to earn a promotion.

In FIFA 22, EA made it so that the first step in each new division was a checkpoint, meaning it was impossible to be relegated. However, this caused issues as players found themselves stuck facing opponents of a higher skill level, making progression almost impossible.

We won’t know if FIFA 23 follows the same format until the game launches, but we’ll be sure to update this section as soon as we know more.

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Division Rivals is set to play a major role yet again in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Division Rivals rewards explained

There are two types of FIFA 23 Division Rivals rewards — weekly and Milestones. Weeklies are based on the division a player is currently sat in, as well as how many wins they’ve earned over the last seven days.

Check out how many wins you need below:

  • 4 Wins – Base Rewards
  • 8 Wins – Upgraded Rewards

Milestone rewards are given out at the end of the FUT season, and don’t actually require any wins to unlock. Instead, all you have to do is play a certain number of matches to earn gradually better packs.

However, they do increase in quality based on the division you finish the season in, so it’s still worth pushing for the win in every game. Here’s another breakdown of the Milestones reward requirements:

  • Milestone 1 – 20 matches
  • Milestone 2 – 50 matches
  • Milestone 3 – 90 matches

When do Division Rivals rewards come out in FIFA 23?

If EA sticks to the same format as previous years, weeks in FIFA 23 Division Rivals will run from Thursday to Thursday, giving players seven days to rack up enough wins and climb up the rankings. Then, once the rewards are rolled out, the weeks reset and the fun starts again. We’ll update this when we know more.

Check out the times you can claim your rewards below depending on your region:

  • 1 AM PDT
  • 2 AM CDT
  • 3 AM EDT
  • 8 AM BST
  • 9 AM CEST
  • 5 PM AEDT (AUS – next day)

FIFA 23 Division Rivals rewards: Ranks & prizes

Unfortunately, EA tend to alter the rewards scheme regularly, so we won’t know exactly which packs will be awarded until FIFA 23 launches for everyone on September 30. We’ll update this section with a full breakdown of every rank and reward as soon as they’re available.

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