Best FIFA 23 camera settings for Ultimate Team

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Camera settings will be an underrated aspect of FIFA 23 and could actually change how you perform in the game’s key modes such as FIFA Ultimate Team. So, here are the best settings to use.

As well as gathering the best players together to create their Ultimate Team in FIFA 23, players should also consider the camera settings they are running in each match.

Another year of FUT Champions and Division Rivals means that fans of FIFA will be scrambling to optimize their playstyles with the best custom tactics and formations.

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But camera settings are often overlooked — when they shouldn’t be. So, here are our best FIFA 23 camera settings for Ultimate Team and the game’s other modes.

Best FIFA 23 camera settings

From the get-go, you’ll be presented with a myriad of default camera settings in FIFA 23 assigned by the team at EA SPORTS. Now, these aren’t supposed to be the settings to maximize your gameplay, they’re the best ones to show off the game, how polished it is, and how presentational it can be.

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So if you’re looking for substance over style, then we imagine you’ll want to mosey on over to the in-game settings and adjust the options.

Follow our instructions and more of the pitch and players will be visible:

  1. In FIFA 23, go to ‘Options’.
  2. Press on the ‘Camera’ tab.
  3. Set it so that the Single Player and Multiplayer Cameras are now tuned to ‘Tele Broadcast.’
  4. Adjust ‘Camera Height’ to somewhere between 12 to 17.
  5. Set ‘Camera Zoom’ at 0.
  6. Make sure you’re able to see the flanks, and try out a match with your new settings.
  7. If you’re unhappy, then tinker with the numbers by one or two.

Another big recommendation is the ‘Co-Op’ camera setting because it’s so incredibly zoomed out and you can see a large portion of the pitch.

This is instrumental in helping you identify threats out wide that you perhaps wouldn’t notice, or pick out a pass that you basically wouldn’t be able to see otherwise.

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After you set the overall display, you can still improve your vision with tweaks to the ‘Camera Height’ and ‘Camera Zoom’ settings. Camera Zoom is generally accepted as being the best when set at zero, but there’s a bit of debate over which Camera Height is preferable.

At the end of the day, these are just our preferred settings that we believe give the best results, but they may not work for you. So keep playing around until you land on the right balance because it will genuinely make a big difference.

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