FIFA 23 pack animations for boards & walkouts explained

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FIFA 23 Ultimate Team has new FUT pack animations for boards and walkouts – here, we’ll show you exactly what to look out for.

EA has decided to change the pack animations compared to FIFA 22 and differ depending on whether it is a low-rated card or a high-rated item. Those with the highest ratings, such as Lionel Messi or Erling Haaland, will have a special walkout with the pack opening.

Others – referred to as boards historically but don’t feature boards anymore – appear for 83+ OVR players.

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Rather than leaving it to be a surprise, there are some telltale signs you can look out for this year.

FIFA 23 pack animation for boards

There is a line at the bottom of the screen. If the line moves to the left, it will not be a walkout but could be a board player.

Faint lighting will also appear behind the stage, which is brighter for better players, along with some stage pyro.

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Here’s how to tell if it’s a walkout in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

How to tell if it’s a walkout in FIFA 23 packs

The line at the bottom of the screen will show you the camera is moving from left to right. There is also a firework at the top, appearing over your card.

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Watch out for bright lights next to the stage and – shock horror – the player who walks out.

Animation for under 83 OVR

Sprinkler fireworks will appear next to the stage, popping up slowly, and the line will be pointing far to the left side of the camera.

For more FIFA 23 guides and tips, head over to our news hub. The game’s release date is September 30, 2022, for Standard Edition and September 27 for Ultimate Edition.

Check the differences between both editions here and take advantage of this 20% discount if you’re buying digitally.

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