FIFA 22 servers down? FUT server status, maintenance & EA updates

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Our regularly updated server status page will answer two big questions for Ultimate Team and FIFA online players: (1) Are FIFA 22 servers down? (2) Are EA servers down?

Whether you’re looking to qualify for FUT Champions Weekend League, signing in to open your weekly FUT Rivals rewards, or jumping into a few matches of Pro Clubs – EA servers can stop you right in your tracks.

You can be kicked out of matches. You can be told they are not available to connect to right now, in the menus. You can even lose crunch games if the timing is off.

If you would like to keep up to date with the scheduled maintenance to work around that or check FIFA 22’s server status swiftly after an issue in-game, this page should be handy for you.


FIFA 22 servers down? FUT server status

EA servers are currently offline!

The servers are indeed offline at the time of writing, meaning players can no longer jump into the game, match up with opponents, and play matches.

EA confirmed this themselves with a tweet from the FIFA Direct Communication account, saying they were investigating the problem and would update when a solution had been found.

Next FIFA 22 server maintenance times

EA has announced the next FIFA 22 server maintenance is set for Thursday, June 9. The game will be taken offline for five hours in total, spanning 6AM-11AM UTC.

As always, you won’t be able to start up a new match in close proximity to the downtime, so don’t expect to create any new games in the 30-minute window ahead of maintenance.

How to check if EA servers are down

FIFA 22 players can check the EA server status whenever they cannot connect in-game, by visiting the official EA server status page.

This page shows the latest updates in real-time for multiple platforms, including:

  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • Xbox One
  • PC

What can you play while EA servers are down?

In FIFA 22, a number of matches can be played offline. The following modes do not require an online connection, and can still be fun if you’re in a party chat with friends:

How do you know if FIFA 22 servers are down?

ea server warning
When EA servers go down in FIFA 22, you may be disconnected and this message will appear.

Lagging in FIFA 22 online matches is one of the first indicators the servers could be touch and go.

Losing your connection during a game is also a sure sign that (1) your own internet connection is poor or (2) the FIFA 22 servers are down. Not being able to sign in to the EA servers using the menus, too, is a certain sign that they might be offline or undergoing maintenance.

So, there you have it. Be sure to come back to this article as we’ll be providing the latest FIFA 22 server updates.

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