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How to get FIFA 22 closed beta codes: Start date, PS5 & Xbox Series X|S download

Published: 20/Jul/2021 12:52

by David Purcell


EA SPORTS have reportedly started up the rollout of FIFA 22 closed beta codes and if you want to know how to get one, you’ve come to the right place.

The game’s developers are set to give fans a landmark showcase on July 22 with EA Play Live, where they’re expected to drop the first FIFA 22 details.

A number of changes have already been leaked, though, including a new FUT Champs Weekend League format and rewards, gameplay, and custom tactics tweaks – some of which have come from an early version of the game.

As fans will be wondering how to get a FIFA 22 beta code, and what’s included, let’s run through everything we know so far.



mbappe in fifa games
FIFA 22 beta codes can be obtained simply via email.

How to get FIFA 22 beta codes

To be in contention for a FIFA 22 closed beta code, you need to be a verified FUT Champions player. To qualify for this, you must have managed to win at least 27 matches in one weekend of the competition in FIFA 21. These players will automatically be sent codes, but that is not the only route to playing FIFA 22 early.

Follow the instructions below to increase your chances of being selected.

How to sign up for EA emails

  1. Go to your EA Account Email Preferences.
  2. From there, check the box to be informed about new EA services and news emails.
  3. Remember to make sure you’re checking the right email address as well. Then, even if it’s not guaranteed, wait to be granted access.
  4. If you receive one, check the mode you have been granted access to.
  5. Load up the code onto your Xbox or PlayStation console.

FIFA 21 beta access emails
Here’s the box you need to check to sign up for EA’s emails.

Once that is done, the waiting game begins. EA SPORTS usually rolls out codes in waves, so keep an eye on @UltimateTeamUK for more updates.

Are FIFA beta codes transferrable?

Beta codes will not be transferrable, and they will be assigned to the specific Origin account for access via email.

When does the FIFA 22 closed beta start?

Following a string of FIFA 22 beta leaks, the previous FIFA 22 closed beta started up around June 23, 2021, but was axed after creators began leaking content from the event.


End date

Last year, the FIFA 22 closed beta ended on September 1. If further beta codes go out, we expect that to be the case this time as well with FIFA 22.

What’s included?

Those who have codes can scroll through the new-look menus, play FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, Career Mode, VOLTA Football, and Pro Clubs.

Download size

Players previously reported that the download size of the FIFA 22 closed beta is 39.067 GB. 

Does anything carry over from the FIFA 22 beta?

No, saved progress will not carry over to the full version or the EA Play early access version of FIFA 22. 

What can you share?

To play the beta, you must agree to not share media from the early edition of the game that becomes playable. Should you not abide by that agreement, you risk breaking the DMCA agreement signed when agreeing to play.


Therefore, “leaking” content on YouTube, Twitter, or other social platforms is forbidden.

FIFA 22 beta leaks

Despite this, a number of FIFA 22 details have leaked already, including changes to custom tactics, gameplay, Ultimate Team, and specifically FUT Champions Weekend League. To learn more about those leaks, click here.

Not only that, but nine ICONs have also potentially leaked ahead of the game’s launch.

So, there you have it. Everything you need to know about the FIFA 22 beta and how to get the codes.

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