FIFA 22 Career Mode skill tree explained: All traits, best player upgrades

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Want to level up your Player Career in FIFA 22? Then you’re going to have to learn about skill trees. The all-new player development model has transformed your progression, giving you full control over your growth. Here’s how it works.

Skill trees are one of many new additions to FIFA 22 Career Mode giving players more customization. From the new Create A Club feature to all-new perks boosting up your entire squad, players will now have more control than ever.

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The new player development feature will allow you to unlock the stats you want, not just what the predetermined training stats give you. Plus, it also rewards good play. Here’s exactly how skill trees work in FIFA 22 Career Mode.

How do skill trees work in FIFA 22 Career Mode?

Skill trees are the new way to progress your custom player through FIfA 22 Career Mode. Instead of just mindlessly playing games and simulating training to get specific stats up, you can now completely customize your growth.

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You progress through the skill tree by unlocking skill points, which increases your stats and can turn your rising star into a Ballon d’Or beast.

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Set yourself ahead of the rest with FIFA 22 Career Mode’s new skill tree feature.

How to unlock skill points for FIFA 22 skill tree

You unlock skill points by playing the game and getting experience. This is done in two ways.

The most obvious way is just by playing through your career. At the end of each match, you get XP based on your performance, as well as how well you did fulfilling your match objectives. The better you play, the faster you’ll progress.

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The second way is through training. With the training rework for FIFA 22, instead of directly earning attributes through doing exercises, you get a set amount of experience based on how well you perform.

As you level up and complete achievements, you’ll gain skill points to customize your pro exactly how you want.

FIFA 22 skill tree player career modeEA SPORTS
As you level up, you can skill up in the skill tree.

FIFA 22 Career Mode skill tree: All traits

While individual traits aren’t exactly clear yet, there are seven archetypes in the skill tree you can level up. They are the following:

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  • Physical
  • Defending
  • Dribbling
  • Passing
  • Shooting
  • Pace
  • Goalkeeping

Within these archetypes, you progress down the skill tree, picking up traits along the way. They’ll focus on every aspect of the game, from whether you’re going to be a long-bomb crosser or a short pass specialist, to clinical versus powerful in the box.

We’ll update this section once the full skill tree launches.

Best FIFA 22 skill tree traits to upgrade your player

Obviously, without the full skill tree out, it’s hard to say exactly what works best in FIFA 22 Career Mode. However, based on past experiences, you can at least draw some conclusions.

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The first one is that pace will always be king. Getting your sprint speed and acceleration to as high as possible will make you a more dynamic player on the pitch, no matter the position.

However, outside of that, you’ll really want to focus on position-specific attributes. If you’re a striker with a threatening presence, getting your heading accuracy, shot power, and finishing up is obviously better than training your slide tackles.

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