Best Diablo 4 Sorcerer build for leveling & endgame

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The best Diablo 4 Sorcerer class is utterly dominant. It provides players with a lot of exciting possibilities when they’re using the best possible build. Here’s a full rundown of the best Sorcerer build to use in the game.

Diablo 4 is here, and fans of the dungeon crawler are looking forward to many years of looting and spellcasting with the Sorcerer. But making sure you have the best possible Sorcerer build in Diablo 4 is crucial to survival in both PVE and PVP. While the savage Barbarian or nefarious Necromancer will be enough to tempt any player, it’s hard to overlook the outrageous power of a Sorcerer.

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The class can become a whirlwind of magic and mystique when wielding strong elemental magic using the right build. The Sorcerer is the classic caster class of Diablo 4, returning from Diablo 1 and 2 while being largely interchangeable with the Wizard class of Diablo 3 and Immortal. Here is the best Sorcerer build in Diablo 4.


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A Sorceress prepares to battle Lilith’s minions.

Best Diablo 4 Sorcerer build

Diablo 4’s Sorcerer has a ton of incredible builds to use in the current meta but we found that the Chain Lightning Sorcerer is the best Sorcerer build in Diablo 4 currently. Fans of early Diablo games will recognize this build, as it’s a popular one that has returned in various forms throughout the series. Here’s how to assemble it.

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To create the Chain Lightning Sorcerer build, we’re going to focus on the lightning element and mostly forsake the others. This way we’ll invest all our points into that and make it as powerful as it can be – rather than being a Jack of all trades/elements.

To begin, start by learning Arc Lash at level 2, then upgrading it to Enhanced Arc Lash at level 3. This will be your basic skill before learning the core skill of Chain Lightning at level 4. Then upgrade this skill all the way up to Greater Chain Lightning at level 6, before finally upgrading Arc Lash to Flickering Arc Lash at level 7.

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Now we’re going to focus on some secondary and defensive skills so at levels 8, 9, and 10 respectively, learn Teleport, Ice Armor, and Frost Nova. These won’t boost your offensive lightning skills, but they will help keep you safe from harm as you cast them.

Now upgrade some of the skills you’ve learned until you reach level 15 and you’re given the option to use your first Enchantment Slot. Select Chain Lightning for this, which will now provide a free cast for every three times it’s used, as well as providing a passive buff. Then fully upgrade Arc Lash until there are no more power-ups.

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From level 19 to 23, upgrade Frost Nova, Ice Armor, and Teleport by selecting the following skills:

  • Level 19: ‍Enhanced Frost Nova
  • Level 20: ‍Mystical Frost Nova
  • Level 21: ‍Enhanced Teleport
  • Level 22: ‍Shimmering Teleport
  • Level 23: ‍Enhanced Ice Armor

Then at level 24, learn Align the Elements for a passive buff against Elites, then Unstable Currents for a new Lightning attack that also buffs other Lightning attacks at level 25. Upgrade this to Prime Unstable Currents to enhance it before learning the Protection and Glass Cannon passives at levels 27 and 28.

Protection will simply give you a permanent life buff, but Glass Cannon will increase your damage output by 6% but will increase the damage you take by 3%. As you’re a build that relies on damage from afar, this is a worthy trade. Next, learn Supreme Unstable Currents at level 29.

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Best Sorcerer build in Diablo 4: Level 30 – 50

Now we’re going to learn Fire Bolt at level 30 and put this in our second Enchantment Slot, mostly for the insane amount of buffs it will give us rather than for any offensive purpose. It will allow every attack to inflict Burning on enemies and will unlock the passive Fiery Surge, Warmth at levels 31 to 33. The aim of this is to add passive damage and enjoy the passive buffs of such an Enchantment.

Then at level 34 upgrade Glass Cannon before learning the next three passive skills; Vyr’s Mastery at level 35 (as your Key Passive), Coursing Currents at level 36, and Electrocution until level 39 to enhance the power of your Lightning skills.

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For the final set of skills before you start to creep closer to level 50, consider learning or upgrading the following skills:

  • Level 40: ‍Endless Pyre
  • Levels 41-43: Warmth
  • Level 44: ‍Devastation
  • Levels 45-47: ‍Elemental Dominance

Then use your Renown points on either learning or upgrading the following skills:

  • Renown 1: Icy Veil
  • Renown 2-3: Protection
  • Renown 4-6: Mana Shield
  • Renown 7-10: Teleport

From here, you should have a devastatingly powerful Sorcerer build that focuses on Lightning skills but makes good use of passive buffs from Ice and Fire spells. You’ll also be the bane of every demon you come across.

diablo 4 barbarianActivision Blizzard
The returning character classes include the Barbarian, Sorcerer, Rogue, Necromancer, and Druid.

Best Sorcerer leveling build summary

To summarize the best Sorcerer leveling build in Diablo 4, here it is in table form:

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2Arc Lash
3Enhanced Ark Lash
4Chain Lightning
5Enhanced Chain Lightning
6Greater Chain Lightning
7Flickering Arc Lash
9Ice Armor
10Frost Nova
11Chain Lightning
12Chain Lightning
13Chain Lightning
14Chain Lightning
15Chain Lightning – First Enchantment Slot
16Arc Lash
17Arc Lash
18Arc Lash
19Enhanced Frost Nova
20Mystical Frost Nova
21Enhanced Teleport
22Shimmering Teleport
23Enhanced Ice Armor
24Align the Elements
25Unstable Currents
26Prime Unstable Currents
28Glass Cannon
29Supreme Unstable Currents
30Fire Bolt – Second Enchantment Slot
31Firey Surge
32Firey Surge
33Firey Surge
34Glass Cannon
35Vyr’s Mastery – Key Passive
36Coursing Currents
40Endless Pyre
45Elemental Dominance
46Elemental Dominance
47Elemental Dominance
48Your choice
49Your choice
50First Paragon point
diablo 4 campaignActivision Blizzard
The Sorcerer is still a mighty option for the endgame of Diablo 4.

Best Sorcerer endgame build

Once you get passed level 50 and have seen the ending of Diablo 4, things will then change as you’re into the endgame. This means the build you used to reach this point may no longer be sufficient, and to really make the most of the endgame content, you’ll need an endgame build.

Here’s the best endgame Sorcerer build in Diablo 4 currently, the Arc Lash Sorcerer:

2Arc Lash
3Enhanced Arc Lash
4Charged Bolts
5Flickering Arc Lash
6Enhanced Charged
7Arc Lash
9Ice Armor
10Frost Nova
11Enhanced Frost Nova
12Mystical Frost Nova
14Enhanced Hydra
15Fireball – First Enchantment Slot
16Arc Lash
17Arc Lash
18Arc Lash
19Invoked Hydra
24Destructive Charged Bolts
25Unstable Currents
26Prime Unstable Currents
27Static Discharge
28Shocking Impact
29Shocking Impact
30Shocking Impact – Second Enchantment Slot
35Vyr’s Mastery – Key Passive
36Enhanced Teleport
37Shimmering Teleport
38Elemental Attunement
39Glass Cannon
40Glass Cannon
41Glass Cannon
46Frost Nova
47Frost Nova
48Frost Nova
49Frost Nova
50Paragon begins
1 – RenownCoursing Currents
2 – RenownElectrocution
3 – RenownElectrocution
4 – RenownElectrocution
5 – RenownIcy Veil
6 – RenownIcy Veil
7 – RenownIcy Veil
8 – Renown‍Conjuration Mastery
9 – Renown‍Conjuration Mastery
10 – Renown‍Conjuration Mastery

Paragon Board

At level 50 you’ll gain access to the Paragon Board to continue building your character to level 100. Here are the boards you need to focus on to maximize the potential of the best endgame Sorcerer build:

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  • Starting board
  • Elemental Summoner board
  • Burning Instinct board
  • Frigid Fate board
  • Ceaseless Conduit board


Here are the Glyphs we’d recommend activating as your work through the Paragon board:

  • Territorial
  • Flamefeeder
  • Tactician
  • Control
  • Exploit
  • Adept

How to use best Sorcerer build in Diablo 4

Invest wisely in your level points by using our above build and sit back as you effortlessly unleash ferocious flurries of lightning at unsuspecting, hapless hordes while you kick your feet up in Diablo 4.

There’s a lot of diversity in the Sorcerer class, so if you’re not feeling the above build, feel free to tweak it to your preference. We’d recommend finding your favorite skills and investing heavily in them so that you’re familiar with your skills and can do more damage early on.

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Don’t forget to take advantage of the buffs from other elements, even if you focus on a build that makes primary use of one or two different ones.

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