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Destiny 2 is reworking Void abilities instead of releasing new Witch Queen subclass

Published: 27/Aug/2021 4:43

by Brad Norton


As the threat of The Witch Queen draws near, Bungie has outlined plans for a complete Void overhaul in Destiny 2, rather than introducing a new subclass with the upcoming expansion.

After years of anticipation, the ominous Witch Queen is finally in focus. As Bungie gears up for the next chapter in the ‘Light and Darkness saga,’ new gameplay details have emerged.

Following major reworks to weapons, abilities, and armor in the Season of the Lost update, Light subclasses are next on the agenda. Solar, Arc, and Void subclasses will all be reworked in the years to come, Bungie confirmed, with the latter targeted for February 22 as part of the Witch Queen release.


As a result of this focus, Bungie will not be designing a new Darkness subclass for the upcoming launch. Instead, this Void-based overhaul will be the primary driving force. 

Here’s how the devs are completely changing all things Void in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 witch queen
The Witch Queen expansion is set to bring a complete Void subclass overhaul.

Labeled as “Void 3.0,” the planned overhaul seeks to “seriously revamp existing Light subclasses,” developers explained in an August 26 blog post. Not merely a set of buffs and nerfs, this overhaul will be “a new interpretation of the Void subclasses and fantasies.”

“That means adding new abilities and mechanics, ditching some old ones where it makes sense to do so, and spreading out existing ones to create enticing new combinations.” 


When Destiny first launched in 2014, it did so with Void as one of the three core subclasses. While various tweaks have been implemented over the past eight years, many aspects of its original form are still in place today. 

Thus, Bungie hopes to “evolve” Void “for the better” by bringing it more in line with recent Darkness subclasses.

Destiny void
Void has been a staple in Destiny since 2014.

Moving forward there will be six key labels for Void-friendly Guardians to keep in mind. Suppression, Weaken, and Volatile serve as the negative effects that can be applied through Void abilities. While Void Overshield, Invisibility, and Devour will be the three positive effects.


Some of these will be familiar to experienced players while many of the positive effects will introduce new ways to play around Void abilities moving forward. Below is the full rundown on how each of these gameplay effects will function.

Three negative effects integral to the Void experience.

  • Suppression – The target is knocked out of any active abilities and can’t activate any abilities/movement modes as long as Suppression persists. Afflicted enemy AI combatants can’t shoot their weapons. 
  • Weaken – The target takes increased damage and has their movement slowed. Enemy AI combatants fire their weapons with decreased accuracy. 
  • Volatile – The target is afflicted with unstable Void energy and will explode upon taking additional damage or on death. 

Three positive effects that Void can apply to you and your teammates:

  • Void Overshield – A protective barrier of Void Light that reduces damage taken from combatants. 
  • Invisibility – You vanish from sight and do not appear on enemy radar. 
  • Devour – You feast on the energy of your foes. Kills restore you to full health, grant grenade energy, and extend Devour. 
Destiny 2 Witch Queen
Guardians will have new Void powers to wield once The Witch Queen arrives.

While exact details will come down the line for the Void rework, Bungie teased a few specific abilities and how they’re changing.

For instance, stealthy Hunters looking to remain hidden will have a much more efficient time gaining invisibility. The Stylish Executioner Aspect grants invisibility and Truesight upon killing a Weakened, Suppressed, or Volatile enemy. Moreover, your next melee attack after turning invisible then applies the Weakened effect once again, allowing you to seamlessly loop the effect.


Similarly, Titans that have grown accustomed to throwing their shield at enemies will have even more of a reason to do so once the Witch Queen arrives. Every hit with a shield will apply Void Overshield in the future, keeping you in the fight.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the planned Void rework, Bungie assured. With just a few months to go before the next major expansion, we’re sure to hear plenty more on how the popular subclass is evolving.