Everything in Warzone Season 6: map changes, weapons, The Haunting, more

Warzone Season 6 hubActivision

Warzone Season 6 is now here and we’ve got you covered with everything there is to know. From the release date, map changes, to new weapons, here’s all the information you need about Warzone’s last season before Vanguard integration.

With Season 5 now in the rearview mirror, it’s time for the next major seasonal update to steal the spotlight. Season 6 of the popular CoD battle royale will be the final seasonal update before Vanguard changes everything.

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With new map changes at Stadium, Downtown, and WWII Bunkers, this season is certain to bring a bang before we bid farewell to Verdansk and transition over to the new Pacific Warzone map.

On top of the map changes, there are five new weapons, tons of operator skins, and The Haunting, which is coming as an in-game event later this season. Here’s everything you need to know about Season 6 of Warzone.

Warzone Season 6 essentials

Warzone Season 6 RoadmapActivision
The Roadmap for Season 6 of Warzone features the return of the OG Gulag.

Warzone Season 6 trailer

The first official Warzone Season 6 trailer dropped on September 29, confirming the return of Adler.

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It also revealed some significant map changes hitting Verdansk as Downtown and Stadium were both torn apart. More on that below.

Warzone Season 6 map changes

There are three new POIs in Season 6 of Warzone. Due to an earthquake Downtown and Stadium have been destroyed and these spots will be a lot different.

Warzone Season 6, WWII bunkersActivision
WWII-themed bunkers have been added to Warzone under the surface of Verdansk.

On top of these two areas changing, there are WWII Bunkers. These are hidden under the surface of Verdansk but are loaded with loot. These are linked to Adler and his disappearance as the Call of Duty team hints are more and more Vanguard information.

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You’ll have to play a game of Warzone yourself in Season 6 to see exactly what happened to Downtown, Stadium, and explore these bunkers.

This will likely be the final season that players can drop into Verdansk as the new the all-new Pacific map is set to come to Warzone with the integration of Vanguard.

Warzone return of Modern Warfare Gulag

Warzone Gulag Season 6Activision
The OG Gulag has returned but with some different aspects in Season 6.

The original Gulag is back in Warzone in Season 6. Although not the exact same, the devs brought a revamped version of the classic Gulag that was a staple of Warzone for quite some time.

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This can certainly bring back the OG vibes of Warzone before we say hello to the Vanguard integration.

Warzone Season 6 new weapons

Grav AR Warone Season 6Activision / Treyarch
The Grav AR is the fastest shooting gun in the weapon’s class.

There are five new weapons that are dropping with Season 6 of Warzone for free. A gun that can possibly shake up the meta is the Grav, a fast-firing assault rifle. This gun is described as having the fastest bullet velocity of any AR with decent damage.

Another weapon is the .410 Ironhide shotgun that players can get for free by leveling up their battle pass. Shotguns have seen a rise in Warzone with the Gallo being extremely good but getting nerfed. Also, the Battle Axe is now here for free that players can earn by completing an in-game challenge

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Two new weapons are coming later in Season 6. These two include the LAPA, a submachine gun that can be earned from The Haunting Event, and a Hammer and Sickle melee. This will be available to players that complete an in-game challenge

You can check out some of the new weapons in action from the PlayStation Season 6 cinematic.

Warzone The Haunting Event

Not much was revealed about Warzone’s newest event, The Haunting. However, it is set to release on October 19 to celebrate Halloween in Verdansk.

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This can be similar to last year’s event which featured a nighttime map, along with spooky operators, a zombie LTM, and a scavenger hunt.

More details will be released on October 18, we will update you then.

Warzone Season 6 Battle Pass

Last but not least, a new season of course means a new Battle Pass. 100-tiers of fresh cosmetic items and weapon blueprints have arrived no different from usual.

From new guns to shiny cosmetics and everything in between, there’s plenty to grind for this season.

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