Warzone Season 6 map changes: WWII Bunker POIs, Downtown & Stadium destroyed

Warzone Season 6 mapActivision

Warzone Season 6 brings some of the biggest map changes we’ve ever seen in Verdansk with new POIs added and old familiar locations torn apart. Here’s an overview of every map change in the latest patch.

With Warzone Season 6 now upon us, Verdansk just received what could be its final changes. With Vanguard fast approaching, we only have a few weeks left until the new Pacific map replaces Verdansk altogether.

As a result, the Season 6 update introduced a handful of significant changes to quite literally shake up our final stretch with the original map.

From new POIs to classic locations being torn apart, here’s everything you need to know before dropping into the new season.

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Downtown & Stadium destroyed in Warzone Season 6

Warzone Stadium destroyedActivision
Stadium will never be the same again.

The first thing you’ll notice when soaring through the skies in Verdansk is that two POIs have been ripped wide open. Both Downtown and Stadium were both hit by seismic charges, cracking the ground beneath them, toppling buildings, and revealing new areas underneath.

For Downtown, streets have been uprooted and various buildings are no more than rubble on the floor. What has remained intact is still devastated by the impact, so be sure to watch your footing.

Meanwhile, Stadium is no longer in one piece. The venue has been ripped to shreds with a completely new opening now accessible thanks to the blast.

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New WWII Bunkers underneath Verdansk

Warzone Season 6 new WWII BunkersActivision
Expect some unique surprises to be hidden away in the new WWII Bunkers

As for new arrivals on the map, three WWII-era Bunkers can now be accessed. These can be found near the Boneyard POI, north of the Airport, and close to the Radar Array. You’ll have to zipline down underground to get inside, but once you’ve made it, expect to see plenty of high-tier loot.

Keep your eyes peeled for teams nearby, as these new Points of Interest are sure to be hot drops for the duration of Warzone Season 6.

Original Gulag returns in Warzone Season 6

Original Warzone respawn Gulag.Activision
The original Warzone gulag has finally returned.

Closing out the map changes in Season 6, Warzone just got a major throwback. The first-ever Gulag layout is now back in effect with a slight change.

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It’s not exactly the same as was when Warzone first launched, but it’s close enough to still capture that original magic. It copies the layout from Modern Warfare’s Gulag map, so experienced players will feel right at home once again.